Training Knowledge?

I was in my class today at Uni, and ran into a guy I knew from high school.

He’s a photogenic attractive guy and…hasn’t really changed much since high-school. I’ve gotten a lot bigger, but as far as our physiques go, he’s blessed with just an all around square, v build…I’m more like powerlifter, and have a cromagnon thing going. Anyways, long story short. I was talking with him about lifting and he was quiet and pretty modest but asserted he was a personal trainer.

I was trying to test his gangster, I suppose. So I asked him about how he lifts, what he knows, etcetera.

Pretty much all he told me, was just common knowledge stuff.

I asked him about getting stacked, and told him, I personally figured it revolved around deep squats.

He responded with the word with sincerity but basic went into basic knowledge.

Anyways, about it, I couldn’t really see anything valuable in what he had to offer, (I wasn’t sure if he was trying to solicit me) it was all like 5-7 strength, 8-12 hypertrophy, 15-21 toning. Some common pseudo-knowledge.

In fact like, he used the word “hyper-trophy” as if it was like it was really advanced vocabulary.

I started thinking, people take the things this guy says really seriously. People PAY him to say “hyper-trophy.”

Is this all it takes to be a personal trainer, to have a good bod and know some vocab?

I’ve read now 4 books on fitness, (Brawn, Serious Strength, Training, Arnold’s, Fitness Swimming) and don’t feel much smarter, or more qualified, but I suppose if he is qualified on the subject, does that mean I am too?

He says he had to take a battery of tests to become certified, I don’t really know tho, how comprehensive these are.

I suppose what I’m saying is, what is knowledge as far as body building goes? When can you actually act like you know what you’re talking about?

Thoughts? Similar Experiences? Questions?

Read through this thread, especially a couple few pages in.

Trying to test his gangster? Honestly it sounds like you were attacking this guy for no good reason and then came onto the internet to make fun of him.

I work as a cook while I’m putting myself through school(maybe like this guy does with PT), I hope someone doesn’t come up to me and start questioning my method for cooking steak or give me crap if I can’t pronounce a cooking method correctly. Do you see my point?

If you have to ask then you don’t know what you are talking about yet. If people come up to you on a regular basis asking how much you lift, how to get big etc, then you are getting somewhere.