Training jaw muscles

Hey, what if I wanted to have a powerful looking jaw - what kind of training could I do to get this look? The only thing I could think of is just pull down on my jaw and close my jaw. Should I do high reps? What kind of muscle fibers are in the jaw?

What do you guys think?

I’m not gonna say it. It’s too easy.

Let me just unzipp my pants and you can start your training. High reps no teath and swallow

Neil, you are a nice guy, but you are weird. :slight_smile:

I bet the guys from Queer Eye would have a few suggestions for you…

I guess you could focus on trying to chew difficult items. You know, a lot of beef jerkey at a time. Maybe try chewing whole packs of buble gum at a time? That’s pretty tiring. Then progress to shoe leather and small children.

I figured I’d give a response that didn’t allude to blow jobs. :slight_smile:


Funniest post so far.

Neil, your jaw has more to do with bone structure than musculature. Tell me the truth, do you think you can significantly hypertrophy your jaw muscles in order to get a more masculine look? If so, we’d have lolitas with manly, powerful jaws by the handfuls. I can’t imagine the Olsen twinc would look too good after a few bouts of Jaw work grin

Your jaw is affected mostly by your hormone profile while growing up. High Testosterone and HGH concentrations lead to a more manly look, but again, there’s too many genetic variables that come into play. Whatever effect you can get from working your jaw, lol, should not yield any considerable effect.

For the love of god though, dont try it.

Did you have to bring up the Olsen twins in a blow job thread? Nothing’s getting done at work today.

You mean, chewing on 7,000+ calories a day ain’t workin’ for ya?


I’ve read about some kind of gizmo designed to train mouth muscles, but don’t remember what it’s called. If you want to experiment with tying rope around a 5lb dumbbell and looping the rope through your mouth, be my guest.

If you walk around all day with a maniacal smile on your face, it will improve mood, and scare people too.

Stock up on Powerbars.

You have a lot of free time don’t you?

Those jaw training devices were proven to be worthless 15 years ago. But why do I get the feeling that this guy will disregard all the info provided in this thread anyway and go on a jaw-building program that won’t work?

He seems to only post looking for people to agree with him or give him persmission to do something that’s not-so-smart.

“He seems to only post looking for people to agree with him or give him persmission to do something that’s not-so-smart.”

Cause that’s what questions are, right?

someone…quick get this kid a helmet

Hey, I really hope he disregards the blow job advice if that’s not his thing.

I remember a few years ago watching some local bodybulding show on tv and this guy had done some awful stuff to his jaw muscles and managed to get some serious definition in his cheeks etc and it was gross.



For training jaw muscles, it depends if you are going for mass or definition. For mass, I suggest going on the 5x5 diet using a T-Dawg 2.0 rep scheme. For definition, also use the 5x5 diet, however, this time rely on using the T-Dawg 1.0 rep scheme.

Let me know how it works.


p.s. Post some before and after pics of your jaw please.

I’ve read that old time boxers used to chew entire packs of gum at the same time to train the jaw muscles. It was supposed to help them take a punch.


There you go.


Neil buddy, just reading some of your long posts aloud would probably help.


My pit bull has some pretty impressive jaw muscles. Her cheeks are nice and filled out, and when she yawns there is easily an inch of thickness on both sides of her jaw bone.

Here is her usual jaw workout:

  • at least an hour a day of chewing cow femurs. She completely destroys them in less than a week.
  • playing tug with a 1 inch rope
  • chewing on any of my body parts that she decides look yummy (not recommended for your workout, as I will deck you)
  • Occasionally she suppliments this work with hanging from the spring rope in the tree in my back yard.
      Give it a try and let us know how it goes.