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Training Intensity While Cutting


A question that is bugging me at the moment:

Whilst on a Fat Loss Phase, I have been maintaining my workout as if its a normal MASS Phase ( However added more cardio and reduced Kcal Intake etc ). Should the Intensity of my works be reduced slightly to stop burnout?

I lift 3x6-8 each set to temp Muscle Failure following an upper/lower split see below


SQUAT 3x6-8
LEG EXT 3-68
LEG CURL 3x6-8
CALF RAISE 3x10-12


Bench Press 3x6-8
Flyers 3x6-8
Bar Row 3x6-8
Lat Pull Down 3x6-8
Shoulder Press 3x6-8
Preacher Curl 3x6-8
Skull Crush 3x6-8

I do CV 5days a week and keep Saturday/Sunday off , I would Maybe factor in a few more compund lifts on a MASS Phase such as DeadLifts..

I have done well over the past 3 months dropping only 8LB in weight but reduced my Bodyfat from 24% down to 16%

Should i reduce my working sets to a single working set as im only trying to maintain not increase muscle... And I have been feeling a little worn out of late ( Have Taken a week off and upped my Kcal intake to let myself recover )

Let me Know your Thoughts? Also would it be a good idea to revert to trianing each body part only once per week during Fat Loss ?




Generally people DON'T reduce volume/intensity. Since your body is in a deficit, it needs a good reason to keep that muscle. Lifting heavy gives it a reason to.

Feeling burnt out? Have a cheat meal.


Hi, congratulations on your loss of bodyfat in the last 3 months of your fat loss phase, your are right in reducing it down slowly. In terms of intensity I would advise keeping a rep or two short of failure on each exercise, maybe stay within 70% to 80% of your normal intensity range, but do continue the exercises and rep ranges that you used in your mass phase, even deadlifts .

One working set would be sufficient, also training each bodypart once a week would suffice too,(even during the mass phase).

You are correct also by taking a week out to recharge and up the calories, also, perhaps re-evaluate your caloric intake in terms of carbohydrates, maybe you should increase your complex carbohydrates a bit if you are feeling worn out and lethargic and also don't forget the essential fats.

I hope this helps.