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Training Inspiration

Videos, Pictures, whatever… post 'em if you got 'em :slight_smile:


There is something really special about this picture…

It may sound dumb, but when I’m training I think about what brock lesnar said in a video he did for WWE about his training. Something along the lines of, “I always try to do one more rep than my opponent”.

It’s that kind of mentality I take to it. I want to know that I’ve trained as hard as humanly possible and surely harder than my opponent.

People don’t understand why I train so hard and when they find out they’re like, “Wow, you’re really into this MMA stuff.” My response is , “Yeah, well if I lose I get my ass kicked.” Self preservation is a pretty big motivator.

Love watching the greats train, always gives me some extra fire. The second gym is where my trainer fought out of.


I love these translated Thai quotes. “If you wish to be a good boxer, you must train. The less often you do it, the more deplorable you are.”

So true haha

Pride poster.

Kind of fruity, but sometimes I watch this before I go to a hard practice to remind myself not to be a pussy.


Get ready to cry.

slimjim’s made me choke up a little.

i read the description for dave’s and decided not to watch it cause you really might cry.

Rocky 4 Training Montage:

Rocky 3- “There is no tomorrow!”, gets me pumped the most:

Rocky 3 training montage (also the gayest):

Just how gay the rocky 3 montage is:

[quote]blazindave wrote:

Get ready to cry.[/quote]

Seen that awhile ago and forgot about it until now. Very sad, very inspiring.

Dave’s vid choked me up, Slimjims is major inspiration. I watch rocky for inspiration more than is really healthy, usually while doing flexibility work in the evening. Having had the gayness of it revealed maybe I should stop doing that.