Training influences

Which of the T-mag contributors has influenced the way you currently train the most? Who’s ideas and concepts are used throughout the design of your programs?

I'd have to say Ian King's books/articles have got me thinking more than anything else I've heard or read. Right now, though, Coach Davies'. KB circuits & GPP... I'm lovin' em.

ryno: This is an EXCELLENT question, and one that I’ve given a lot of thought to…

This may surprise some, but T.C. and Chris have probably been my greatest influence. Why? Because they have given me the tools to critically analyze this whole bodybuilding/nutrition/fitness scene for myself through their writings and commentary. I guarantee you that I can more readily bypass the bullshit than I could just two years ago.

Diet and Nutrition? J.B., hands down, no contest…

Resistance Training? Many diverse sources over the years, and just figuring out what works for me…

Again…great question!

Nutrition: Berardi
Hypertrophy: Alessi
Strength & Conditioning: Davies

Definitely Chris Shugart…when I first started training I weighed in at about 300lbs, after six months I was down to 245, then I hit the plateau…I kept thinking to myself, I’m eating good, I can’t possibly train any harder, what the hell else is there that I dan do? Then I found T-Mag. And I remember reading an article by Chris and it kept repeating the phrase “It’s your diet stupid!” Well, I started keeping a food log, found out I wasn’t eating nearly enough nor was I eating the right things. Now I’m down to 215lbs and 12% body fat. After a year and 2 months I’ve dropped almost 90lbs while gaining muscle. I can’t say enough about this site to my friends, and it gets better every week.

I’d have to say that after reading 200 issues of Testosterone, it took me from newbie to decently informed. But, being a BioSci grad, I learned the most from Bryan Haycock about the way things work. I also learned a lot about technique and training ideas from Dave Tate and Ian King

Coach Davies, no doubt. His articles have changed the way I think about training completely.

Good question. And one that made me sit down and really think. I guess who influences you the most depends on where you’re at in your training at the moment. When I first began reading T-Mag (three, four years ago), I was highly influenced by Ian King. And then Dave Tate. A little before T-Mag it was Paul Chek and Charles Staley. Then it was TC and Chris Shugart. Lately, gotta be Coach Davies. As for nutrition? John Berardi, of course.

Despite all the name throwing, I really think all the contributors have a part in anyone's program. This is why T-Mag is such a great site.

Tough question. I would definately have to break it down into specific categories. Nutrition: JB, Strength: Dave tate, Performance: John Davies, Pharmaceuticals: Bill Roberts, Critical thinking(as Mufasa mentioned): T.C and Chris. Even within these categories there would be some crossover from these people as well as other regular contributers. I’ve also gotten some great info. from many of the forum regulars. I came to this site about 2 years ago and at the time thought I had read everything of signifigance on the above topics. I realize now I’ve probably learned more in last two years than I had collectively learned over the last 15.

Dave Tate, without a doubt. To quote Professor Van Helsing I’ve “become a wanton follower, I daresay a devoted disciple” of Westside. In the spirit of WSB though, I keep an open eye, ear and mind with regards to other methods. Coach Davies and Ian King are probably a close second when it comes to stuff I do outside of the Westside regime, as appkied to GPP, bodyweight stuff and old school strongman moves (Saxon sidebends, 1 leg squats, etc)

I definitely owe Testosterone a thank you for introducing me to Westside through Dave Tate though…it’s totally changed my fitness goals and expectations of my strength levels.

Richard Simmons, his deal a meal is the best.:slight_smile: heh heh

Don Alessi has some fantastic revoultionary programmes and he is currently my biggest influence. However I aim to try all the programmes from all the contributers at some stage and know with this information the sky’s the limit in terms of training. J.B has nutrition covered no prob. Thank fuck I found T-Mag or i’d still be reading MMI,doing the same old traing and wasting my money on Nitro-Tech with zero progress. T-Mag 4 eva!

Chris Thibaudeau.

through it all Poliquin has been the biggest influence. as for my eatin habits right now, his buddy Dipasqualie created this here anabolic diet…

JC#10 and Eric Cressey.

Critical thinking: What Mufasa said. Nutrition: JMB, hands down. (That seems to be a consensus…) Training: This one’s a little harder. Although I’ve gotten some good tips from Ian King (particularly regarding balancing out one’s workout/physique) and I was very impressed with Alessi’s Meltdown program, I’d have to say that Poliquin has been the biggest influence on me (as he undoubtedly has been on Alessi). Go back and look at the early issues of T-mag. Poliquin WAS T-mag for a while there, at least in terms of training. Worst DOMS? CP’s Luke Sauder calf routine. Biggest gains? CP’s Shoulder routine. CP’s ideas have upped the intensity of my workouts to a fantastic degree.

Damn. I get mentioned in the same thread as JB, Poliquin, Ian King, and…Richard Simmons? I can’t decide whether I want to be happy or kick my own ass…

yep, eric, i am as flabberghasted as you. i was mentioned in the same sentence as the kings of strenght training. now if someone would just mention me in the same sentence as hugh hefner and wilt chamberlin…

The Renegade himself has had the biggest influence on my training.

J.B. and Mr. Alessi have had a huge impact on my nutrition.

Dave Tate,and Polliquin.

Poliquin, Charlie Francis (Early On, I would not have known about him, if it were not for Poliquin)