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Training in the cold

It’s starting to get cold out here in Chicago. Just when I’m starting to fall in love with Renegade Training. I’m just wondering if anyone has any tips/tricks for staying warm n healthy when you train in the cold. I know to dress warm… but has anyone found any types of clothes, hats, whatever helps…? Thanks everyone.

Take the general mountaineering approach. Start with layers. The first should be a light material which wicks sweat away from the skin. The intermediate layers are dependent upon mobility and temperature issues. The outer layer should absolutely be breathable, perferably waterproof as well if you’re in snow.

Hey Ike,
I’m in N. Indiana so I have similar probs. I wear one of coach’s skullies( mental psyche/ attitude) and a baggy sweat shirt.
I have a garage to work out in but in the deep of winter it doesn’t help much, so I’m either thinking of putting a space heater in there. And getting a few pieces of leather to wrap around the bar that I can stick in my pockets between sets to keep warm.
I’m also looking at making the weights a circuit to cut out the rest.
I’ll let you know if any of it works.

Sorry that should have been Ryno not Ike.
Peace, Tmofa