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Training in St. Louis


Hey Fellas,

Where is the best spot to train in St. Louis. I am moving there in a little over a month. I will be living around the Wash U area.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



For What? I would say Eagle’s Gym, that’s the cheapest, most dedicated powerlifting gym. It is 25 a month, no contract…but I got a gun pulled on me up there, so i dunno if you would really like the environment or not. Wash U has a full lifting facility, I’d just lift there.


I used to work at washu, they have an excellent gym, If you’re a student lift there. Other then that you might be stuck hitting a chain gym.


If you want to train sometime, hit me up through pm.


Wash U’s student gyms on both campuses are both pretty good. The employee one is pretty terrible. I’ve never ventured off campus since the gyms at the school are free, and I’m a poor grad student.


I second Eagles gym. Great place. BTW, there’s a strongman competition there July 26. PM me if your interested or into that.