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ive just moved back to huntington beach. i didnt train at all when i lived here 4 years ago, so im not sure where to start. im looking through the yellow pages and making phone calls as i type this. any one know of a good gym that is powerlifter/olympic lifting friendly (ie. at least has a power rack and wont completely flip out if you lose a weight during a snatch)?
i havent been training seriously for probably 8 months.i did start training again for about a month around may but then only trained occasionally(unless drinking and playing at the lake count as workouts).
my most recent pr’s(last week) were: bench 285(down from 365 in dec) squat:295(dec. was 350)
deads:365 but i think i had a bit more (down from 505), snatch:175 down from 205, clean 195 down from 275. 1 arm press 80lbs down from 105. i was at 208 and less than 10% for sure. im at mid 190s now and slightly fatter.
wonderful what 6 months of fucking off will do for a guy!
any way , im ready to start training. ive learned a ton of new things as far as nutrition and training are concerned and am super excited to get past my old pr.s. ive never trained using much of west-side principles and am really anxious for this.

i started with my journal today. tracking food and workouts. until yesterday ive pretty much just been eating whatever, trying to maintain some lean mass. im doing p+c/p+f(heading for 5000kcal/day). right now;alternating between the two. ive been doing sprint work and bodyweight exercises : clapping and 1 arm push ups, chins, walking handstands etc for the past few weeks. im off to the beach for sprint work right now. man i love running in the sand!
if anyone can point me in a favorable direction i would appreciate it.

thanks guys,


Im from socal originally. My parents still live in Brea. I trained at 24hr fitness and also, the phatest freakin gym out there called Raquetball world. It was the fanciest, nicest, cleanest gym bro. Also, don’t forget Renegade headquarters is in your hood. You surf? I miss that the most. Let me know how Hungtington treats ya!