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Training in New York/Brooklyn

Any t-men/women train in the New York area. I am looking for a good gym to train at and need some recommendations. I will be living in Brooklyn more specifically Cobble Hill right in between Broolyn Heights/Carrol Gardens. I am close to the subway. I am willing to travel a little.

I went in the local NYSC and did not like the price considering there was only one bench press. I could except the price if they had enough equipment.

Also looking for a good MA/ muay thai school.

Also had anyone trained at Bev Francis place in Syosset.

NYSC blows and is only getting worse. avoid that place like the plague.

Bev Francis Gold’s in Syosset is AWESOME…one of the best gyms ive ever trained at. If its not too much of a trek out there for you, I would definitly check it out.

You may also wanna check out Iron Island in Rockville Center (i think thats the name of the town) and Johnny Lat’s in Manhattan.

johnny lats on or around 14th

the golds on livingston in brooklyn isnt bad and I thought i saw that they are having some sort of “deal” going on

dolphin on 14th is pretty big and cheap

dolphin is pretty cheap overall

Thanks to everyone who has responded so far. Seems limiting esp since the NYSC sucks and I have two within a 5 minute walk. Golds is pretty damn close however and I will look at Johnny lats/ dolphin as well.

Any further suggestions appreciated.