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Training in Cuba


im headin to veradero cuba for vacation just wondering if anyone knows of any bjj or mma schools in the surrounding area. i looked it up online but found no results.




It's Varaderao.

You might not find any MMA schools , or BJJ Cuba is different-
but you are going to find some Excellent hole in the wall judo clubs.
Excellent as in Olympic 55kg player.
Sniff around they are a few there.



Great boxing places too, I bet. Probably on every friggin street corner....


You might enjoy the young prostitutes for $10 per session a little better. Your'e on vacation fucktard!


Yep that's one of the first thing I think of when it comes to Cuba. Cigars, rum and shit hot amateur boxing. It's a bit out of date but check this out http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/from_our_own_correspondent/1862893.stm


Funny you said this. Me and my friend have talking about going on a "judo/grappling vacation", basically somewhere to train with higher-level judokas/grapplers than we'd get the opportunity to here in Canada, a step up for us to learn some more. Most of the guys I've trained with that've gone over to Japan usually come back a thousand times better. But Japan is crazy expensive (and they don't like the Russian/Wrestling style we both use), so we decided on Cuba if we ever do something like that (we also thought Mongolia would be pretty cool too).




Japan is bloody expensive- I went to a kodokon school and he always advocated a Japan trip.
When I did some club wrestling- I did some tourneys and training in the Czech repulic- worth every penny.
breakfast lunch and dinner.
For anyone thinking about this kind of trip or even training on vacation- its not a hard thing to find.
and can really boost certain aspects of how you do shit.



Czech Republic sounds interesting, hadn't thought of that. Eastern Europe was on the list, as I speak some Russian, but we were thinking more in the south, in particular Dagestan or Georgia (for obvious reasons).


Only masochists and psychotics go to train in Georgia.. Georgians even make Russian players seem tame.