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Training in Columbus, Ohio


Where do you guys train in Columbus? For a city that has the strongest gym in the world(Westside) and hosts "The Arnold," I can only seem to find shitty commercial gyms. I guess I'm not going to find a "Hardcore" gym in the phone book. But does anyone have any suggestions? I train at home right now, but I am exploring my options as I will be moving soon to a smaller place. Any help? Thanks.


I would recommend going to elitefts.com and posting the question to the Q&A. Those guys train at Westside and live in the 'bus and can probably make some great recommendations.


Call over to Westside and see what Louie has to say.
Most of the hardcore gyms are underground garage gyms. My gym is a key club also, but unfortunately we're packed or I'd give you the spot. Are you looking for a P.L. gym or BBing?


I posted on EliteFTS.com a few days ago. I am not nessasarly looking specifically for a Powerlifting or Bodybuilding gym. As I am neither specifically a powerlifter or bodybuilder and am not currently training for any competetion. I would like to eventually try a powerlifting competion to see if its something I would like to pursue in the future. I am just not strong enough yet and am too over fat.

However, becoming the biggest strongest MoFo I can be is definitly my main goal either way. Anyway, I just want a gym where I can box squat and deadlift with chalk without catching any shit. Thanks guys.


Tell that to Louie and he'll say, "If you want to get stronger sign up for a meet and train for it." You're never too weak to go to a meet, and if you always say that you'll "never be strong enough" to do it.

Call up Louie and say you want to train at Westside. You'll be a big, strong MoFo in no time, if you can hack it there.


What part of Columbus do you live in?

The World Gym off of Worthington Woods is pretty good. Quite a few serious lifters there. That is where I work out during the week.

They have pretty much everything you would need. They even have a reverse hyper. They do need to get a good GHR though. It is not the typical fitness center type gym.


I hear what your saying. Thanks. I think westside would be awesome..but not yet.

Dr. Ryan, I actually live in a suburb just east of Columbus. But I work in Dublin, so Worthington would be perfect. I will definitly check it out. Thanks


The powershack on Cooper Rd. in Westerville isn't bad. They even have a container of chalk for anyone to use. I have yet to have a problem doing deads, cleans or snatches.


Also try "The Gym" off Waterworks Rd. in Newark/Heath. Key card access (no supervision if late, but open 24/7 because of the card), loud rock music, Reverse Hyper, and two power racks. It's beat up, but awesome that way. I went there when I was up visiting family in Newark, and I had some of the best workouts of my life. Met a couple of the big boys from Westside training there, though that's not a "Westside" gym. Small, dingy, loud, and beautiful.

Dr. Ryan,

I had no idea you were up there. That's awesome. I should have gone to Worthington to check out that gym too. I can't wait until I get out of college and make money so I can find a job out where there are some real gyms. I really like Ohio, I might end up there. Being in a Kansas unviversity gym sucks...


From Dublin, just exit 23 going toward Delaware and turn right at the light by Campus View (probably 1/4 to 1/2 mile from the 270/23 interchange) then you just go straight for a couple miles and once you pass Sancus, it is only a few blocks. On the right side along with a bunch of office/warehouse space. It's only like 34 bucks a month and that allows you to use all 7 or 8 World Gyms in Columbus.

Take care,



cool thread. I live in Dublin and train at the local rec center there. Its got nothing spectacular, 1 squat rack (makes my life hell), and all the other basic junk you find in commercial gyms these days. But at $16 a month, I ain't complaining seeing as I am a low-paid college grad and all. I am however moving out of Dublin at the end of summer, and since I work just south of downtown (S. high) I'll be looking for a new gym eventually.

On a side note, are there any groups of strongman enthusiasts in the cbus? I am wanting to try some tire flips and other stuff over the summer when its nice out, would be nice to have some experienced guys to show me the ropes a little.


I'd be down to try some strongman training as well. Anyone?


I know exactly where youre talking about. Thanks again Doc.


Yeah I would agree, World Gym in Worthington is probably the best. Plenty of free weight equipment, and last time I was there, it doesn't seem to get too crowded. Although with the new year's resolution crowd, that may have changed temporarily.

There are a handful of well-known bodybuilders, powerlifters, and fitness competitors that Ive seen there on a regular basis. Not that it makes a big difference, but it's kinda cool.

The World Gym in Hilliard is a little newer - might be worth considering depending on what part of town you live in.

However, I must admit that I currently go to Lifestyle Family Fitness (formerly California Fitness) - far from hardcore, but I'm paying only $9/month, and their locations are better for me. Gets the job done, good variety of equipment - they just need more squat racks!


Id be interested. I almost thought about buying a big tire last summer, but my yard isn't suited too well for tire flipping.


Actually, there is one more light after Sancus, it is Worthington Galena Rd. The gym is just a couple blocks past that light. I was just there tonight. Oh yea, and if you end up going there and hear or see reference to a Dr. Ryan they are referring to Dave Ryan, D.C., he is a good guy as well. I'm Ryan Smith, D.C and just go by Dr. Ryan on T-Nation. I think Columbus, OH is probably the only place this could get confusing. Maybe I should change my screen name.


Sweet. I am graduating from OSU and am looking for a new gym as well :slightly_smiling:


gonna bump this thread because I moved close to downtown Columbus (Victorian Village) and need to find a new gym. There's a lifestyle's in the downtown area but that one is quite expensive, anyone know of a good gym in the whole Short North /Grandview or German Village areas?