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Training in Chucks?

Running the 5/3/1 program, is training in Chucks optimal?

It doesn’t really matter. Wear whatever shoes you like.


Wear what you feel stable in. If everything is going so right in your training that optimising shoe selection is going to make a difference then I feel that 1kg and some sort of record should be involved.


I’d say red Chuck’s with a Black Sole and Yellow Strings would be optimal. Anything else you are pretty much wasting your time.


appreciate the sarcasm; saw this video that’s why I asked. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lytCL3rm3Xg

Follow Jim or follow Rippetoe… Actually no never mind don’t follow Rippetoe… Stick with Jim…


Rippetoe is a silly man.


I prefer chucks for everything other than squats, but that’s just personal preference. Not sure if it’s optimal.

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chucks are fine - if you can afford them, get squat shoes for squats. I run in running shoes, squat in squat shoes and do all other training in Nike metcon 3’s - which are the best shoe I’ve ever deadlifted in.


I use low top chucks for all lifting, especially like them for squats and deads. Nice, even support with the hard sole


Anything with a hard sole. Chucks, original laced Vans. Barefoot.

I do squats in Chucks,

Deads and OHP in socks. (I have long DL socks that “protect” my shins -only if the bar has no knurling)

Bench I keep my running shoes on…

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I use New Balance Minimus shoes for training. Not sure they’re optimal, but they last a long time and I like them.

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Not trying to hijack this thread, but I’m contemplating getting squat shoes. Any suggestions, or should I not worry about it? I don’t really lack any flexibility, but I was curious if it would help or not

Squat and bench in Olympic lifting shoes. The adidas ones about 100$ have them for 3+ years still good.
DL and OHP in Samba. Likewise same pair 3+ years. Still good.
I don’t wear either outside the gym. Running shoes for cardio.

I really like squatting and Olympic pulls in a 1" heel. Biggest difference in front squats and snatch grip deadlifts/pulls.

I like them over other types of shoes for squats. I have a pair of Inov-8 FastLift 370 BOA.

Weird fastener but makes you feel like a superhero getting dressed.

Adidas Adipowers are great for squatting and they’re probably at a very reasonable price now. I only paid $135 or so for them a couple years ago. You’ll never want to squat in anything else. I cannot believe it when I see people trying to squat in tennis shoes.Chucks and Sambas are fine, but tennis/running shoes are the worst. What makes them good for running around in makes them TERRIBLE for squatting. Good way to get hurt.

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I agree; squat shoes are best for squatting. But a good pair of flat soled, non-cushioned shoes will work fine. I use my Adidas squat shoes for squatting and Nike Metcons for everything else.

Shoes matter and shoes don’t matter. I wouldn’t ask you to squat in 20 year old running shoes but I think people get a little too carried away with finding the most optimal shoe. Chucks are fine, olympic lifting shoes are fine. One may feel a bit better than the other but at the end of the day, don’t be a slave to a shoe.

But to answer your question - Chucks are fine.


OLYMPIC lifting shoes MAY BE the best shoe depending on the persons individual leverages, past injuries, and goals. A blanket statement like this is beyond ignorant.

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