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Training in Cargo/Cotton Shorts


Forgot a pair of mesh shorts today so I went from work to the gym in my cotton khaki shorts. It was the first time I had trained in heavy shorts with pockets. It was convenient for my music player, but a little uncomfortable than usual. I've seen guys in the gym who regularly wear them, not sure I would want to do it again.


I guess they are good if you are not squatting.




yeah i saw this one guy repeatedly training in jeans and a regular shirt, full on street clothes. Guy would do squats, overhead press, etc. Pretty strong, I would imagine the tight jeans helped the squat a little, as long as they didn’t rip.


I hate mesh shorts. I always train in cargo’s, i don’t know what it is but i like the feel of the cargos kinda’ feeling of safety ya know? and the fact that i go through about 6 pairs a month.