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Training In a Foreign Country

Long time reader - first post.

In 5-6 months, a buddy of mine and I are going to take the plunge, leave our jobs (we’re one year out of university), and travel abroad.

We’re both young and in shape but want to take it to the next level. We plan to travel for a bit then settle down somewhere and train and relax without too much distraction for 4-6 months. We’re also going to be working on our online businesses in the process.

My question is: does anyone have any recommendations about some good places to go. We definitely want to go outside the US - just to get away for a bit.

We need somewhere with access to a semi-decent gym, cheap cost of living - housing & food, and internet connection.
I’d like to be near the beach but it’s not completely necessary.

So any thoughts?



[quote]swissrugby67 wrote:

Good call Swiss - The beer is cold and the women are hot. I like!

somewhere in the mediterranean on the side of the former USSR

Thailand or China. With China’s currency pegged to the dollar the recent fluctuations in the value of the dollar have never affected the cheapness of living in China.

Anywhere specific in these destinations that you guys would recommend?

Phuket if you head to Thailand.

Glasgow if you head to Scotland - If you are tough enough. This is no idle threat - Trust me Scots are a very tough people.

[quote]Renton wrote:
swissrugby67 wrote:

Good call Swiss - The beer is cold and the women are hot. I like![/quote]

You’re being sarcastic yeah? Well, I suppose some of them. I like the fact that they wear very little. Always. It’s just they’re all the same generic blonde.

A really great thing is you can walk into any bar and have a choice of at least 10 different whiskeys.

OP: Don’t forget to pass by Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool, Essex and finally London. (All in England. Trust me, you’ll thank god you set foot in the UK. That is if you enjoy women in next to no clothes regardless of the ambient temperature. And good people.

[quote]Renton wrote:
Phuket if you head to Thailand.

Glasgow if you head to Scotland - If you are tough enough. This is no idle threat - Trust me Scots are a very tough people.[/quote]

Yeah, one tends to learn the hard way. cough

You want to avoid the people you see in the attached photo. Since you’re a Yank you won’t understand a word they say and they piss people off to no end. Plus, they’ll usually be in a group of 239 to mug 2 of you.

Edinburgh is where it’s at :slight_smile:

Infact, go to both. They’re only 40 min from each other. Not even.

I definitely likes the views in Scotland…

And the UK would be awesome, but I’m American - my money will go nowhere over there!

I am doing the EXACT same thing, but i leave in 3 weeks.

4 months of whatever I want.

First, to England, then to Ireland, then 2 months living in a seaside town in Sicily, then to Croatia and Spain, France and wherever I feel like.

I have taken a look at a few bodyweight programs, but mostly i’m banking on there being gyms all over.

i would invest in a trx system. extremely portable and hooks up anywhere. this will allow you to not rely only on pushups and lunges if there is no gym available. costs 150 bucks but might be what you need on your trip. i have one and really enjoy the versatility, as there are a few hundred exercises you can do. check it out.

Some fine powerlifting gyms in Glasgow,

A-Dog, that’s sounds awesome man. Keep me posted on how things go for you.

My trip is probably going to be a little more stationary. We really want to train hard with weights - not just bodyweight exercises. Any gym that has some iron to move around will do though. I just want to go somewhere cheap so I can live longer with the money I’ve saved.

Thailand seems like a great option. Does Phuket have anything in the way of cheap housing? It seems like more of a tourist / hotel resort type place.

I’m sorry man, but there is something very broke back mountain about you and your friend’s bonding experience.


This is you guys.

about thailand, there are alot of out of the way places and islands in the off season you can find and chill out. . they may not have gyms but the guys i saw were usually absolutely shredded and pretty decently sized. i went to one place with a little shanty island bar and it had a ghetto muay thai ring, a decline bench, and a pullup bar, and the guy running it was pretty big. or just find an island and get a fishing boat and in 4 months you’ll be in better shape than most hahah

Me and some friends are planning on doing the same in a year or two. Try looking up an island called Koh-Tao in Thailand. Its apparently a good place to learn scuba diving as well as having two Muay Thai gyms and cheap short term accommodation and some longer term stuff.

Check out http://koh-tao.ws/ for more info about whats on the island. Wikitravel also has info about it. http://wikitravel.org/en/Ko_Tao

Damn - Koh Tao looks amazing. $12 a night for a 2 bedroom place on the beach is right up my alley. Thanks for the info.

I’m also thinking about Croatia. Anyone have opinion on it?