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Training in a Caloric Defecit. What to Do?


With school the past week and getting over a cold, I haven't been able to get my meals in. Sometimes 2000 calories under my usual 5500 per day. Now my question is, does it still make sense to train on these days? I can't see myself growing under such a deficit. Discuss


Yeah man definitely, not training will provide better results than training.


WILL it to happen!

But yea, Get your ass in the gym. And get that food intake in. if you cant find time, you arent trying hard enough. Nuts and shakes= Easy calories.


Yeah I can't stay holed up in the cubicle all night I'm going to go wail on my quads for while. Thanks for input


Us people up north just need to learn to deal with the cold. When your sick liquid calories are your friend.

No matter how mild the cold is, the first thing to go is my appetite. I'm sick right now and last 3 days I've left the house with over 3000 calories in blended drinks.

Also I believe (no proof whatsoever) that consistent caloric surpluses aid in the recovery from any immune comp.

As for training: obviously.

Good luck :slightly_smiling:

Also: random tidbit, do you go to UBC? If you do shoot me a PM, pce


skums estd nutd lol