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Training in a Cage? Sun Warrior Protein?


I'm going to be 35 and I work from home. As such and because I hate gym memberships that are a pain to get out of, I'm building my own home gym. My wife and I are in a two bedroom apartment. So, we're going with (everything from Northern Lights Fitness) an incline bench, weight stand, 200 lbs to start of Olympic Cap weights, BIG exercise ball and full power cage. we're also going to add a set of PowerBlock Dumbells. My question #1 is:

Most exercise books focus on cable machines etc. but nothing I've seen focuses exclusively on a power cage. I know some of the exercises I can do, but not all. Roughly, how many exercises can you do in a cage other than squats/lifts/presses/chinup/hanging abs?

and 2.

Just found out I can't take "cow anything" (no dairy but can eat the meat) and the one Vegan protein I tried, well, let's say I won't be buying it. Has anyone any experience with the Sun Warrior brand? I've heard it is good but thought I'd check here first.


Well maybe look at what exercises you can't do in a rack?!

have you considered the ironmaster dumbbells over the powerblock dumbbells?


Honestly, plateau, I'm not sure. I'm just getting started, so some guidance would be good. Why Ironmaster over powerblock? Are they better? Are they more expensive? Powerblock because I like the feel and those are the only ones that Fitness Depot carries. But I'm open to suggestion.


You can do about all you'd ever NEED to do with a cage, adjustable bench, dumbbells, a barbell and a buncha weight. After that, a pulley type machine, and leg extension/curl would be nice as well. The better question is, what CAN'T you do with a cage and adjustable bench?


I have trained at home for the last 15 yrs with a power rack, adjustable bench, olympic bar & plates, powerblocks and just recently aquired a GHR bench. The gym is great with all the extras, but I don't think the equipment is the biggest determining factor in acheieving your pyhsique goals.


Agree with Bwhitwell, H4M, and plateu. Definitely can hit everything and hit it well with the power rack setup as stated above. Blast straps and a pullup bar would be a good addition also. You got everything covered there equipment-wise, now it's all on you!


Good to know. Curious though: Powerblock or Ironmaster? I'm just wondering if they're truly that different?


forget about power blocks. They are giant square things that you can only grab from one angle. How would you do over head tricep extensions with two arms on one heavy ass dumbbell like that. haha i know that is my only reason but im sure there are other things you couldnt do with a powerblock.


the ironmaster have a lif-time gurantee unless you go up to 130lbs, I wouldn't want to drop the powerblock.


GHB bench? what's that? You're right of course the equipment is secondary to effort. But it is nice to know that my set up (which is still coming together, damn budget..) is T-Nation approved. I did check out Ironmaster but felt the price was a touch high for me. Powerblock U-90 stage I it is. And the rack I'm getting has a chin-up bar with it. Its all Northern Lights Fitness, from the bench to rack.


I own the ironmasters they are a good alternative to a fixed set of dumbbells but they are in know way indestructible or bomb proof that ironmaster makes out if you drop like I did the threads on the screws wear out after time they will unload on you. I personally had 1 60 lbs pound dumbell unload on me when I was doing a seated military press and the dumbbells can bend. Long story short do not use these for hardcore use I advise you use care and respect like you would with powerblocks ironmaster dumbbells will never be better than the real thing.


One world of advise buy nice instead of twice if you can manage it I say get a 2x2 elitefts power rack one of the best investments you can make. Now when elitefts makes something they truly make it bomb proof. And you will be supporting American made instead of buying the shit that comes out of asia.



Ok, but I don't have the budget for that! :slight_smile: And I'm Canadian, and while I do love American products, it makes more sense for me in this case given shipping time, cost (and let's not forget customs brokerage fees)to buy the rack I posted, simply because it is Canadian made and more than that the company is local, in Cornwall. :slight_smile: And based on the quality of the bench I bought, I'm sure the rack will be just as good. It doe help that the store is right around the corner from me too.

I definitely will treat the powerblocks with respect. :slight_smile: