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Training Imbalances After an Injury


this is my first time posting on T-Nation so i’m sorry of this is the wrong but here is my problem…

In the middle of January I broke my fibula on my left leg and have been out of commission since about a month ago, i’ve since started back on resistance training but the problem that I have is my left leg has considerably less muscle mass (as expected) then my right one for being inactive for several months.

My question is what is the best way to make sure that my left leg catches up to my right? do I train the left more then the right leg? perhaps add a few sets of single leg squats only on the left leg for a few months?

Thanks, any help is appreciated.

Your main focus should be unilateral leg work. I would stay away from bilateral exercises. There is a huge variety of exercises for you to choose from.
Diff lunge variations
Diff, step up variations
and more.

I wouldn’t worry about doing extra reps on your weaker side.

Run a search on single leg training here, you’ll come across some great articles.