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Training Hip Flexors to Get Under the Bar?


Would training hip flexors help me to get under the bar quickly?

I think I don't have any under the bar speed problem or anything just thinking if strengthening/training hip flexors would help me to get even faster. Exercises like weighted sit ups, weighted leg raises, hanging leg raises, etc. BTW I know about the tight hip flexors/anterior pelvic tilt problem that many people experience.


Well, do your ab work, but no, don't train your hip flexors to specifically get faster under the bar. Do heavy snatches and heavy cleans, that is the best way to teach yourself to get under the bar fast. It takes times to build that reactive strength, but you'll get there.


To train your hip flexors I suggest doing suspended knee pull ins. You can do single or double leg pull-ins or mountain climbers where you bring your knee to the elbow.

The Human Trainer has a foot cradle accessory where you can place your feet inside the loop and then have your body suspended off the ground. Your core gets stronger and you'll be able to strengthen and improve flexibility in your hip flexors.



As far as I've read, the best way to get faster is to simply do the lifts. One thing that may be surprising is I believe that the faster you do the 2nd pull/dip+drive in jerk, the faster you can go back down. I think thats the main reason its called a "catapult" movement.

I personally never think about contracting my hamstrings or anything like that during the drop under. There might be better/other weightlifters who do, but I find it hard and weird at the moment. I usually think about the arms(pulling myself under), and to just be fast. Getting my head through in the jerk helps too.


Do heavy full lifts and hang variations. thats the best tool to develop speed


I seem to be not able to do them well which I don't know why, and I can't recreate the "oomph" feeling. The situation is different with starting from the blocks which I can really feel the power/speed. How effective are hangs VS starting from the blocks for developing speed?


Do the lift with an EMPTY BAR.


If you move an empty bar 'slowly' you will not be able to move a loaded bar any faster mate. Post up some videos. I'll post up some videos of me lifting with an empty bar soon.

Then as you get use to the feeling of SPEED and POWER increase the weigh up gradually.

There was this dude in the gym on Wednesday, PS 40kg SLOWLY, more like half power snatch half wide grip press at the top. I showed him how to move just the bar fast then do 30kg and then do 35kg. He improved a lot but still doesn't have the speed. But then it takes TIME AND PRACTICE to build speed.

It's fast when you don't need to 'think' about it and when it becomes 'automatic'. If you thought about catching a ball thrown to you, you'd fail. It's automatic now so it's very fast.

Hang your not keeping the bar close to you and from the floors your able to keep it closer to you and this is probably why your getting the 'oomph'. Both are effective. I'd go lighter to build speed in pulling under the bar.



I just did several hang snatches and learned that it emphasizes the hip extension. When I extended my hip forcefully and it bumped the bar I could move the weight quickly and more easily.

"Koing wrote:

Hang your not keeping the bar close to you"

Do you mean that I don't keep the bar close enough to my body when doing hangs?


Don't think of bumping the bar out, keep it close to your body, but extend up with your head (the rest of your body will follow) then haul ass and pull under the bar.

For you, your lifting less from the hang then from blocks because I'm guessing that your not pulling the bar as close in to your upperthights/ hips as you are able to with blocks. Remember the better you move the bar the better your 2nd pull will be. If your 1st pull to 2nd pull start position is off/ poor you can't magic a great 2nd pull, or rather it's much much harder as it isn't in the ideal position.



Koing, I noticed that if I remember to extend/lift with my head my body will curve backward more (and the hip extends more forcefully). I guess that's the desired effect because I saw that good lifters also have that backward curve when extending.


Don't bend backwards too much, aim to go up but yeah you'll go backwards a bit, just don't think about it and go upwards.



stating from blocks works just as well. just like koing says you will be in sort of a C shape at the end of the pull but make sure you don't go to crazy and lean to far back since it can slow down the pull


Today in training I emphasized the "head lead". It made my hang snatch speed skyrocket, the difference VS before was like day and night. Good stuff. Thanks for reminding me.

Unfortunately I also tore a callus on my left hand.

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