Training Help for a Female Friend


I’ve a female friend who is 5’3" and roughly 53-kg. A year ago she was 43-kg. The cause of the weight gain appears to have been some personal problems (emotional eater), some bad recent dietary habits, and a lack of sleep.

At 43-kg she was, I feel, underweight, but very athletic and lean, not the typical “skinny fat”. And she used to do up to 8 hours of dance a week previously, which seemed to counter any “bad dietary habits at the time”.

At her current weight she’s by no means obese. But she’d like to return to “fighting” shape.

Diet wise I’m having her begin a food journal for the first time in her life and finding out her baseline calorie intake before doing any kind of caloric tweaking. Likewise, her macros are currently along the lines of 33/33/33 to start.

I’m just unsure how to proceed with a training program for her. What is a good fat loss, muscle retention program?

I’ve used Chad Waterbury’s 10x3 for Fatloss with excellent results coupled with proper diet but I’m not sure a heavy load, low repetition, scheme is ideal for her. That and while she has weight room experience, she doesn’t have a lot of experience with compound movements and free weights.

Thank you for any input.


try for some nutrition and workout advice specifically for females and is always a great place to stop by, many excellent training logs there with LOTS of useful information, if you have some time to read it all :slight_smile: