Training Hard Without a Gym

I’m going on a trip to Europe, and we’ll be traveling the entire time. I’m not going to have accsess to a gym for about 1 month. Does anyone have any scientific based suggestions on how I can go a month without hard training and loose the least amount of strength\muscle?

My current training scheme is a westside mixed with bodybuilding elements and I’ve been training intensley with no more than a week break for 4 years.


lifting for 4 years with only a week’s break? it seems to me that maybe if you took the month off it might be good for you in the long run. just try to keep a decent diet up and i think you will retain most of you mass/power.

handstand pushups…if you can get 10 put some books or a couple of chairs for greater range of motion

pullups with a back pack…you can even do this on an open door if its sturdy enough…

single leg squats…

headstand abs…

ab wheel…

natural ghr

1 arm pushups

Forget about science, the bodyweight drills that are worth doing for strength are obvious:

Handstand Pushups
One arm pushups (one leg and one arm if one arm is too easy)
One legged squats with leg held out in front
Headstand Leg Raises
Door chin-ups (place a towel over a door)
Knee Jumps for explosive strength (kneel on the floor and jump to your feet)

Glute/ham raises

Mike Mahler

Just go to the university gyms in Europe. They are cheap and have good equipment.

Can someone explain a Headstand Leg Raises. Thanks

Get on all fours and place the top of your head into the floor. Have your hands out in front of you presing into the floor. Get your legs straight. Now flex your abs as hard as possible and slowly raise your legs until you are in a headstand. Now lower your legs back to the starting position and repeat for several reps.

The exercise is on my DVD which will be listed in the T-mag review section soon. Get a free copy when it is offered.

Mike Mahler

All of your suggestions on exercises are awsome, and I greatly appreciate it, but how many days a week can I do this and what would be a set\rep scheme to follow, i.e., should I get a whole body workout done in one day?

Take a break!

If you lose ANY size (and I’d be VERY surprised), it’ll take only about a week to gain it back on the flip side.


Stop making it so complicated!!! Don’t worry about splits and bodyparts. Take a look at the “train for strength” site. There’s a bunch of FREE bodyweight only programs that are challenging if not downright hard. I think Mike Mahler will agree with me that Scapper knows his stuff. Ive done some of the workouts he’s got, they will work your entire body.