Training Hamstrings and Lats in Home Gym?

I workout at home with a power rack and barbell and chin up bar. What would be the best exercises to stimulate hamstrings and lats?

I see that you said most chin ups and rows only work upper back.

For hamstrings do you like stiff leg deadlift or rdl?

I like stability ball hamstring curls but they cant be progressively overloaded with weight.

Thank you

Any advice from anybody else on here would be appreciated

For lats obviously pull-ups & row variations are great, for hams I find resistance band ham curls work well (awesome contractions!), that & deadlift variations.

Thank u for the response. Il give those a try.

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Nordic curls work well for hams especially if you have a power rack and a barbell. Setup the barbell low enough you can wedge your feet under it and make sure to weight up the bar so you dont pull it off the rack. Bands help when you are first getting started. Rdls… too. RDLs banded are killer. Deficit rdls are good too.

I like one armed barbell rows and meadows rows for lats. Just stick the barbell in the corner some place or get a landmine attachment for the rack.


GM’s and barbell pullovers

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These work pretty well as an “isolation” type movement - Hamstring Hell: Sliding Leg Curls

They are actually pretty damn hard and can provide a good option for exercise rotation.

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Do you have a backyard? Long stride lunges wreck my hams and glutes. I say backyard so you can dump the weight if you get off balance and won’t fuck up your plates.

Or be a savage and lung with a front rack position…


  • nordic hamstring curls

  • rdls (regular, sumo or snatch)

  • sumo deadlift

  • seated or standing good mornings wide stance or regular

  • single leg rdls

  • long stride lunges

  • straight fire glute exercise Straight Fire Glute Raises - YouTube

  • val slide or swiss ball leg curls


  • banded lat pulldowns
  • pullovers

Oh and this Barbell Glute Bridge Execution | #TechCheck with Austin Current at Physique Development - YouTube

If bang for your buck: maybe snatch grip deads or heavy + bit of body english barbell rows

Seal rows! Stack a couple plates under the front leg of your bench and lie face down on it with your body angling upwards. Have the barbell underneath the bench, and it gives you a free-weight chest supported row. Just have a grip narrow enough that your elbows come in alongside your body, and pull to your lower abs/hips, and have a nice slow negative, and voila - lat destruction.


Most of the back exercises mentioned the lats are secondary movers. Arm path dictates pec and lat recruitment.

Is that meant to agree or disagree with what I said, since I dictated arm path and only suggested one exercise?

And your own suggestion, lat pulldowns, has to be specified with a relatively closed grip, neutral spine, and specific arm path for it to be lat dominant, otherwise it will be upper back, like the majority of lat pulldowns people do are. So I’m confused at your comment.

Snatch grip deadlifts are not a back building movements. Quit following Eugene Teo for the love of God.

Funny I met him at Doherty’s Gym Melbourne few weeks ago. Looks smaller IRL lol.

In your opinion what place do snatch grips deads have in training?


I’ve seen them used by some high level powerlifters to strengthen deadlift off the floor. I’d rather do deficit deads if I were looking to target strength off the floor but that’s where I’ve seen them.

And oly lifters too of course

Snatch grips are great for building the hams and glutes, as it’s going to increase the range of motion for them in the lengthened position. So for some people who have trouble with not feeling RDL’s, the SGDL could be ok in terms of replacing it for hamstring and glute work.

But it’s not a back developer. Neither is the RDL.

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Ive always found this that i get a way better hamstring stretch snatch rdls. Cheers man for confirming my suspicion.

I found that I like to have plates under both legs of the bench for these better.

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