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Training Groups in Wisconsin?


D oes anyone know of any training groups in north-central Wisconsin? I have been powerlifting for a few years and I am looking to get into strongman. Thanks.


I would go on the NAS board and reach out to Willie / Dione to find out who the Wisconsin State Chairman is. They should be able to direct you to a local training group.


sounds good. thanks for the quick reply.


What constitutes north-central Wisconsin? There are training groups all over Wisconsin.


I am looking for something in the Wausau/Tomahawk/Merril/Rhinelander area. What part of WI are you in?


To be honest, I have no idea where those cities are. I don't know my state at all outside of Milwaukee and Madison.

I'm in Milwaukee. There's a handful of different training groups down here and in the surrounding area. I also know people in the Appleton area. And I used to know some in the Eau Claire area (or maybe it was La Crosse. I get those two cities confused.)


Were in Mill. do you train?


It varies. Mostly at my house. Are you looking for somewhere to train strongman?


Your still a drive from me, I am in Menomonie. Well, not right now. Right now im in San Diego, but i'll be back in wisconsin soon.

There is a lot of training places in the northwoods, you just need to know where to look.


Im in Menomonie and looking to train, were do you train right now, and I am from Waukesha so over winter break i will be in Milwakee


I have a house near stout and at my house I have a full powerlifting set-up, it beats the hell out of lifting at the UW.

But as I said, right now I am living in downtown San Diego, but I'll be back next winter so if your still around by then I'll show you what a real gym looks like.




There are handful of groups in Milwaukee. Pete Konradt a pro strongman who runs pro-strongman.com trains in Waukasha. We usually train on saturdays, and he is a great guy. Just got done reading a thread on here and pro-strongman.com has tons of articles and logs from pros, as well as training groups.


yeah, sorry man, you would love my place. But hit me up next year if your around, I'm looking to start a gang of powerlifters and strongmen from the Menomonie area. Wisconsin boys are always the bad-asses.


Yes, Pete's got a great place to train. I usually go out there twice a month. If you're looking for a place to train strongman, it's hard to beat Pete's place.


Will do for sure I got a few guys who r interested


I'm about an hour and a half north of Menomonie, but I'd be interested also.... 3 hours of driving beats training strongman by yourself.


Are there any real gyms in the milwaukee area? All I see are health clubs and the sorry 24 hour fitness places. Im home on leave from Virginia, and down there we have Brute Strength Gym, really amazing strongman gym. Any gyms like that around here?


Brickyard Gym is strength friendly, but their actual strongman equipment is limited. I haven't been there in about a year, but they used to have a log, axle, and some farmers handles laying around.

If you want a full selection of strongman gear, you're better off trying to get in touch with a training group in the area. Most of us around here train in groups and meet at private/garage gyms.