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Training Goals for 2004

I have set some goals for myself for the world to see. Anybody else?

  1. Get to 12% BF (by June 26th wedding date)
  2. Get Stronger in all lifts
  3. Power Snatch 225
  4. 10 pull ups
  5. EAT 2,450 clean calories per day
    287g Protein
    80g Carbs
    108g Good Fats
  6. Deadlift 415 3x FULL ROM
  7. Bench 275 3x FULL ROM
  8. Squat 415 3x FULL ROM

i have a couple…

  1. fix my shoulder


You are one impressive T-Man!

Nice list of goals for the new year. I like how you laid each one out. I would only add that for goals to work best for you, you have to be as specific as possible.

You were very specific on most of them. If you don’t mind me stating this, I would make goal number two more specific. Set an actual number to the poundage that you want to add to specific lifts.

Also number nine needs to be better defined. What is consistent? Are you allowed any “cheat” days? What foods will never touch, are there any?

The others look good! Please redo this list and submit it again by Thursday. Oh…sorry I got carried away…

My goals? One of them is to try to mind my own freaking business in 2004. Don’t get excited I have had that same goal every year for the past 10 years! Hahha

All kidding aside, you have a great list there and I bet you accomplish everyone of them!

From what I have seen in life a person with a goal beats a person without a goal everytime!

  1. Cut out the binge drinking. I’m not worth shit in the gym the following day(s).

  2. Fix my shoulder with ART and rest (even if i have to lay off the bench press for a while)

  3. See my abs. I know they’re under there somewhere. I’m currently taking HOT-ROX, eating 5-6 clean meals a day, and doing HIIT 3x/week.

  4. Keep showing up at the gym. I’ve been going 4x/week for about 6 months now and I want to keep it going.

  5. up the intensity in the gym. Sometimes my mind wanders and i’m not giving 100%.

  6. Get my lazy ass up earlier so that I can hit the gym before work. Lately, i feel like I’m either sleeping, working, or at the gym.

  7. Get more poon. 2003 was good. 2004 will be better!

Training goal:

To not fuck up.

ZEB- Thanks for the input. You are right about being as specific as possible on goals and don’t start minding your own business whats the fun in that.

donder1- I here you on the drinking part I need to slow it down myself. Especially after this holiday season.
PS… Good luck ON the ladies!

I want to see if I can lower than 7% bf this year, w/o losing any lbm.

Kraig, my goals are:

  1. Rehab all shoulder, elbow and postural issues. I want to be strong and pain free.

  2. Hit 14% BF in February of this year. From there maintain 14% BF for the rest of the year. Also under this heading is my goal of hitting 130 pounds LBM. I’m probably above 125 right now. My January 31st DEXA will let me know where I stand in relation to my goals.

  3. DL 315 sometime this year. I recently pulled 225. But this goal will have to follow my rehab goals, as I currently have grip/flexor issues & lateral tendonitis that I’m rehabbing.

  4. Increase my metabolism; i.e., the number of calories my body requires in a resting state. Am currently testing a diet that may help me do this.

I’ll have/make goals after that, but the ones I listed above are ones that I’m currently working on and the ones that really matter to me.

  1. Get stronger. Squat 250, BP 150, DL 250. Shouldn’t be too unrealistic. It’s only 25 % more!!
  2. Stay under 12% Bf.
  3. Remember to take my vitamins and fish oils.

KraigY. Excuse my ignorence but what is an anaerobic cardiosession??

good luck.

the accomplishment to your mind and body will be incredible by the time you get married.

just make sure you get fitted for a really loose tux so that you don’t tear out the arms when you lift your bride.

Moose, aerobic cardio is lower intensity and burns more fat than glycogen/blood sugar. Anaerobic cardio is higher intensity and burns more glycogen/blood sugar than fat. Weight training is considered to be anaerobic also.

Moose- Anaerobic Cardio is also known as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Which is short busts of going all out followed by a 2-3x longer period of low intensity work. For example jog 90 sec sprint 30sec for 15 Min. The benefit of this is basically instead of burning fat AND muscle you are burning fat and building muscle.

Read This

Tampa- Good luck on your rehab and deadlifting 315 now that is an impressive goal!

Kraig, it was just cool pulling four 45-plates on the bar in a gym where most of the guys don’t DL. So with 225 out of the way, I can’t help but think how much more cool pulling SIX 45-pound plates on the bar would be.

I won’t get serious about it, though, until after rehab is out of the way. DL’ing aggravates the wrist flexor/lateral elbow tendonitis thing, unfortunately.

Great thread, BTW!!!

Thanks guys. Make sens now when you pointed it out. Should have figured that out myself if I only had used my grey matter a bit!! Guess my brain isn’t working yet. Have been completely knocked out since before X-mas by a VERY nasty flu. Been a shitty christmas/new year for me.

How can going to the gym be a goal? How can you not go to the gym on your designated day?

Im gonna squat 800,bench 500, and deadlift 700.

Fed & Weight? IPA?

Good goals.

What’s your bodyweight at now?

Good luck man, remember, step by step.

What do you mean by “how can going to the gym be a goal?” ? I can very easily miss my designated day by not being strict with myself. I work odd hours at my job and I do contract work from home so I have to be strict about “stepping away” and going to thy gym. Don’t get me wrong, it is a top priority, but it’s still something I have to fit into my day. I also find myself entertaining ladies too many nights a week, which also cuts into my gym time. You have very impressive goals. I hope to set similar goals in the future. By contrast, I would be happy with half of what you are shooting for.

I resolve to kick ass in everything that I do.

That is all. ;-))

Hit 500-350-450 in a official meet some time this spring as a 181. By the end of the year I’m going to be a lean 198 going 600-425-550 or so. Goldberg, weather you know it or not, you’ve been a huge inspiration for me. A year ago I wouldn’t have believed I would be writing those numbers, so thanks bro, and I have no doubt you’ll get your numbers.

Here’s a goal I don’t think I caught in anyone else’s posts: keep learning. In my case, I goddam need to get my hands on some of the Westside videos. Want to get the seminar, but we’ll see how finances pan out…