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Training Girlfreind


My girlfreing wants me to help her work out and I thought it would be more fun than it is. I was just wondering if any of you guys ever trained a Gf or wife and was it fun for u? Howd you make it Fun? I just feels like it throws my workout off


Early on until she becomes comfortable with doing things on her own you'll have to go with her when you're not trying to train yourself. That just becomes too frustrating for both parties.

I know it's cool to have her depend on you an all, but the goal is to get her self-reliant in the training room as quickly as she's comfortable and confident with it.


I make my living as a performance coach and pt, and I CANNOT train my own wife. It has not worked well for us. I cannot say it will not work for others; but we learned early on it was not a good idea. We have a great marriage, but it does not work for us. After our first baby I trained her for a few weeks to get her set up on a program, and then would just write out her stuff and explain it to her, and send her on her way. Works better for us. Just my two cents... Good luck!


This is what I did. I trained my wife when I wasn't training. Within a couple weeks (she had previous experience) she trained mostly on her own, and we just consulted on programming.


Training with my GF has worked fantastic! We are both competent at lifting and knowledgeable about what needs to get done. So we go and support each other and more often than not I sq when she BP and vice versa so we don't have to switch weights back and forth. This works well and we now have something important in our life that we share together. Just remember her goals might be a little different than yours so confer with her about it and offer her options and see what she likes.


Damn... I suddenly feel like a marriage counsellor..


Training my husband is no bueno. We have different goals and preferred activities.


I don't think I could ever train a wife/girlfriend. I'm not that patient of a person.


Run! Run away now! Don't do it. It won't end well.

Have someone else you trust do it then she can complain to you instead of complaining about you to you.


I hear there's decent money in it.

I don't train my guy but we do train together and compete together. It's easy for us because we have the same goal in the same sport; it's more parallel training than one person training another.

Like someone else suggested, point her in the right direction and give guidance as necessary. Personally, I think setting yourself up in the 'teacher/leader' role in a romantic relationship doesn't really work well.

When things go for a shit consult the marriage counselor above.


Is "Girlfriend" a trained lift? That would be interesting...


You don't want to train your girlfriend, you want to find good indicator lifts that raise your girlfriend and train those.


I've been using my niece like a kettlebell lately...


Personally training my sig. other was a blast. The key is to find what they enjoy and then keep at least some of their "fun" stuff interspersed in every workout while working on other stuff that they need. This ensures that no workout is a complete drag for them...like a reward system :). You also explain the things they "need" to do in terms they understand and in a way that makes them want to do them--like a goal/challenge/support/ whatever. Find their motivator and relate all the "un fun" things to their motivator.

Personally, for me it was not a problem to go in at a time other than my own training time, because my girl was more valuable to me than my "gym time". And we also later worked out together, and that didnt bother me either. I can always go back and do more work on my own, but building a lifelong passion for training in a person i care about is more important.


I train with my wife all the time. Sometimes it can be a pain if one of us is in a bad mood, but most of the time it is great. It gives us another activity to do together, and its motivating to me when I have to go right after she's hit a PR.


I'm Lucky enough for my wife to love me enough to listen to what I have to say, it is time consuming taking her to the gym and her working out at home as well, but she getting it in.


Doesn't work. My GF needs too much help w lifting, so if you want to be extra productive make it a GPP session or get some extensions/curls/holds in or something simple.