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Training from Europe


Hello Fellas !!

Primarily, this log will be used to motivate myself, to keep track of my workout, videos, and hopefully I can get some tips to maximize my workouts.

Name: Kristian
Age: Just turned 17
Height: 182cm
Weight: 88kg

Right now, my program is strength and speed-based - focusing on my sport.
But of course I am a young boy, who loves training for good looking body, so sometimes I supplement my training with beach-exercises :wink:

Bench: 95kg
Squat: 130kg
Deadlift: 165kg.
Clean: 90kg
Jerk: 60kg

Let the fun begin ! x)


First training update !

Training yesterday

Squat 5x5x95kg
Bench 5x5x70kg
Deadlift 5x5x115kg
Clean & Jerk - focusing on the front-squat after the clean - 5x3x50kg
Lat Pulldown- 4x8x70kg

Cable Lateral Raise 3x12
Seated Rear Delt row 3x10
Prone Incline Dumbell Curl superset Lying Cable Curl 5x5
Ab Crunch 4x10


Training yesterday

Squat 5x5x75kg - extra explosive
Bench 5x5x72,5kg
Deadlift 5x5x118kg
Clean 3x3x50kg tired as hell

One Arm triceps extension 4x6x14kg


Training yesterday

Lever T-bar Row - 3x8-12x40kg - 1 Drop set from 40kg to 20kg.
Lat Pulldown 4x8
Some triceps extension x 4x10 and Dips 5x5
Preacher Hammercurl


Todays training (SHORT)

Squat 5x5x100kg
Cable Seated Row 4x8c100kg
Bench 5x5x75kg
Deadlift 5x5x120kg.


Beach-day - FST-7 - Upper split inspired
Reverse grip pulldown 4x8-10x70kg - Damn, really good at stretching my lats!
Normal Pulldowns 3x8x65kg - okay, but lacking power at this point already.
Straight Arm Pulldowns 7x8-12x50kg - really good burn in my lats.

Incline Barbell Press 4x8-10x55kg - okay burn in my pecs.
Incline Dumbells Fly 3x10x16kg - Nice stretch
Pec Deck Fly 7x8-15x50kg - BUUUUURN !!

Upright row 4x10x50kg

Rope Pushdowns 4x8-10x50kg - good burn in my triceps
Close-grip bench 4x8-10x40kg- nice !
Skull Crusher 7x8-15x25kg- burned like hell

Preacher Hammer curls 3x8-10x14kg - okay stretch in my Brachioradialis!
Prone Incline Dumbell Curl 4x8-10 - fire in my bi’s
Barbell curl 7x8-12x25kg - not heavy enough!

No shoulders - So tired, couldnt’ even lift the 18kgs in seated dumbell press


Double training day

First training
Squat 5x5x102kg - ver very tough ! Pain in the right hamstring.
Bench 5x5x80kg-70kg - First set failed after 3 reps with 80kg. next set I completed but, not with stricht technique, so took of 10kg and did 5-8 reps a litlle faster and more controlled.
Deadlift 5x5x122,5,kg - Nice and hard, dropset on the last set down to 90kg.

Second training
Rotator cuff warm-up
Seated Shoulder Press 3x5-12x12kg-26kg - 1 warm-up, 2 work-set

laterals raise 7x8-12x12kg - auch!
Seated Rear Delt row 7x8x50kg

BB bent over row 3x6x60-80kg- Long times since I last did this exercise.
Reverse grip pulldown 7x8-12- really burning my forearms

CG Benchpress 4x8-10x50kg - nice burn in the triceps
Rope Pushdowns 3x8-10x50kg
Skull Crusher 7x8-15x25kg- easy

Preacher Hammer curls 4x10-15x14kg - easy
Prone Incline Dumbell Curl 7x8-10x12-16kg - yeeeeear !!!

Rope crunch 4x12x80kg - hmmm… semi hard
Side crunch 3x20xBW - nice!


Clean & Jerk 8x3x50kg
Bench 5x5x70kg
Deadlift 5x5x125kg
Front Squat 4x8x70kg

Reverse grip pulldown 4x8-10x70-85kg
One Arm DB Row 7x8-12x34kg

Seated DB Press 3x8x26kg
Seated Lateral Raise 7x8-12x10kg

Preacher Hammer curl 4x8-10x14-16kg
BB Curl 7x8-12x30kg

Flat DB press 4x8x30kg
DB Flys 7x8-12x18kg

CG Bench press 7x8-12x50kg



Squat 5x5x100-110kg
Bench 5x5x75kg
Deadlift 5x5x130kg
Facepulls ss Rear delt row 4x8


Wide Grip pull-ups 4x8xBW
Clean & Jerk 7x3x52,5kg
Clean 3x3x52,5kg
Leg press 3x15 changing foot-placement after 5 reps
Leg curls 2x10x60kg - no.
Squat 1x20x70kg with a 10sec. rest, adding 5 more reps. (25 reps then).
Bulgarian Split Squat 3x5xBW+14kg

Flat DB Bench 4x8x24-34kg
Some seated calf raises & Reverse calf raise



loging again
Training yesterday

BB Bench 10x10x60kg
Close grip pulldowns 4x10x70kg
Straight Arm Pulldowns 7x15x40kg
Incline flys 5x12-18kg
Ez-bar Chest supported row 4x10x37,5kg

Calf-project 1x100


Training yesterday Shoulder Arms
Seated Shoulder-press 4x6x40-50kg
Arnold Press 4x10x14-20kg
Cable lean-away lateral raise 2x12x10kg
“Bus drivers” 3x failure
Cable crossovers 3x12x20kg ss Rear raise 3x15x7kg

One-arm cable extension 3x12x20kg
Alternating DB curl 3x8x14-20kg
Machine Preacher Curl 3x20x25kg

Calf-project 1x100


Training today - Legs (Lack of motivation)

warm-up Leg Extension 2x20x20kg
Squat 5x1-12x60-115kg
Leg Extension 4x8 partial reps x 40kg

GHR Raise 1x6 (warm-up)
Stiff legged Deadlift 4x6x90kg

Calf-project 1x100



Calf-project 1x100


Deadlift 4x3-8x60-130kg
One-arm Curl 3x8x14kg
Neutral grip triceps pulldown 3x15x40kg
One-arm overhead triceps ext. 2x12x12-14kg
Deadlift 3x1-2x130-160kg

calf-project 1x100


8km run

Calf project 2x100 (forgot it last day)



Leg-extension 1x10x20kg (warm-up for knees)
Squat 6-7 sets x 6-20 reps x 60-105kg
Sumo deadlift (focus on legs, and minimize back-activation) 4x8x85kg