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Training Frequency

So a little background before the question , i used to do a “bro-split” but super high volume without understanding anything about lifting and about 6 months of training experience. In December , i switched to a PPL , and made great gains up until feburary (about 3 months on PPL). I have stalled in size / weight progress and strength progress. I love the gym , and would like to go at least 5-6 days a week , but im not sure if i can fit the optimal amount of muscle frequency (2-3x a week). Any light on how i can do this? And how i can still increase strength + size?

I’ll tell you a secret: majority of worlds lifters have trained/are training below the optimal frequency and are progressing well.

There is nothing wrong using the frequency you laid out above, specially if you’re a beginner. Just use search and do some of the full body programs here on Tnation.

PS. Or if you want to train 5-6 times/week go with something along those lines. Only good options if you’ll use a proven program.