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Training Frequency


do i need to workout 6-7 days week to lose weight,get leaner???
age 49 male needs to lose 50lbs asap.....help


No. Weight loss is largely dependent upon diet, not exercise regimen.

Not sure what counts as 'ASAP.' It could be done in 4-5 months if you're prepared to be miserable the entire time.


Working out that many days a week is a bit general without saying what you plan to do on those days and without knowing your current level of fitness. May want to chime in on specifics. Whatever your approach, take the amount your currently working out, which is hopefully not nothing, and add one workout session per week - roughly that. Diet is king. Cardio seems to be a way to eek out a little extra total calories weekly. Done without care and you'll be eating the difference.


thats what i thought..food is the main thing..ty