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Training Frequency


ive been going through Modoks old thread on training frequency (alot of good information inside). So it is quite common to train a body part twice a week, perhaps in the range of 14-16sets? Now, i'm doing 5/3/1 with two upper body days(bench,mil press) and two lower body(squats, cleans). H/w, i want to add another upper body day. Not max effort or anything, just some repetition work.

For now, my upper body work is something like this.

Bench press day.

-Work set. 3 sets(i don't believe the warm up sets are considered worksets right? afterall they're just for warming up)
-5x10 incline DB press

-5x5 pull ups + 5x10 assisted/10x5 pull ups
-5x10 Lat pull downs

-5x10-15 shrugs
-5x8-10 tricep work

Mil Press day.
-Work set. 3 sets.
-5x10 mil press (around 55% of max)

-5x10 1 arm DB row
-5x10 assisted pull ups. (other rowing seems to be straining my lower back)

-5x10-15 shrugs
-5x8-10 bicep work

Benching is usually on saturdays and Mil pressing on wednesdays.

so i was hoping to add another upper body day on monday(?) Nothing too hardcore. just to get more work done as i feel that i may not be doing enough work on my chest and shoulders.

-Incline DB bench 5x10
-Decline DB bench 5x10

-Assisted pull ups 5x10
-Lat pull downs 5x10

-Lateral & Front raises 3x8-10

For this workout, i won't push to failure and use lighter weights then i normally would. (maybe 80%).

So what i would like to know is,

-Has anyone trained like this before?i,e adding an additional repetition day. If so, what are your thoughts?
-Your thoughts on this.
-Is it too much/stupid idea? Should i just be content with 4 days of training?
-Will i overwork myself? *****Actually the thing im most concerned about is overworking my back as i'd be working it 3x a week. Would that be too much? Or can i let my body adjust to the higher training frequency, which would be ideal as i love training. (: **** Also watched a video by dave tate on recovery and he said that repetition work not done to failure could be done every other day? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6881kHRpmX8)
-Or should i just do more on the actual bench/mil press days themselves? which i did not do cause the program said to keep it simple and not do too much exercises.

additional info: i have at least 6-8 hours of sleep everyday.
additional work i do would be some running and playing basketball

thanks for reading through, and if any more information is needed just tell me. thanks! i hope this is detailed enough.



If you’re doing 5/3/1 then do 5/3/1. Listen to your god above.

If you weren’t doing 5/3/1 then you should go for it and find out for yourself if YOUR body can handle it. Kick some ass in the sleeping and eating departments and I bet it would be fine. Also keep eccentric-less work in mind as an option too.


hast: yea im doing 5/3/1, but i just dont feel like im doing enough. i.e there’re only like 6 sets of chest/military work. (only the last work set of the chest/military press seems to be “hard” cause the prior two sets are usually only 5 or 3 reps.) and what do you mean by eccentric-less work? what are the benefits?

trav: but he did 12 workouts in a week! i cant tell if theyre being sarcastic or not. haha


I used to do 4 workouts a week then I went down to 3 and I am making much faster progress. It’s one thing to survive a workout. It’s another thing to recover and grow from it.


The eccentric portion of a lift is the lowering part as opposed to the concentric, the actual lifting part. According to CT, the eccentric is the part that damages your muscles. Apparently, if you skip the eccentric you do no damage to your muscles and therefore do not have to recover from that damage. A good way to do eccentric-less work is to use a sled.

Some ideas here: http://www.elitefts.com/documents/prowler.htm


[quote]LTKO wrote:
trav: but he did 12 workouts in a week! i cant tell if theyre being sarcastic or not. haha


lol then there’s nothing I can do for you


nah trav, i get it. i was just being stubborn. lol. but i do realise it now. less workouts also = more energy/strength for the next workout. and maximal strength training is always more important than repetition work, for me anyway. thanks. (: i guess one part of lifting is also discipline and not do too much extra stuff which can hinder recovery.