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Training Frequency + Physical Labor-Type Job

Coach Thibaudeau,
First off, thanks for all the great info you put out there. I am a professional arborist and I climb trees for trimming and removal. Sometimes I am climbing 5 days a week, sometimes it is 1 or 2 with other duties filling the remainder of my time. I am wondering how you would suggest I balance strength training with my work in regards to maximizing gains and managing recovery. Thanks for any input you are willing to give.
-Brandon Lord

Oh, and I am about to turn 40 years old, 175lbs roughly 12% body fat 1rp max deadlift 400lbs, squat 300lbs, bench 225lbs (should injury makes bench uncomfortable). I’d like to be 180lbs with more strength and less fat.

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First of all do you have clues regarding your own neurotype ? I think it might impact further suggestion.

I definitly lean towards type 1. I don’t know if I would be a or b as I haven’t found a description of the differance. I should probably take the test and see what it says.

Alright, I took the test. Pretty strongly 1b.