Training Frequency - Martial Arts

I just started taking Hapkido 3 x a week and may also add in 1 or 2 Tae Kwon Do classes. I’m a reformed wanna be bodybuilder, now I just want to be in my best shape. I plan on training 3 x a week with weights. Now would it be too much in one night to do weights then Hapkido? Am I better off Separating my workout days with Haphido days?

i.e. mon, wed, sat weights and Hapkido, thurs and maybe fri Tae Kwon Do. or put the weights on tue, thur, sun (no Tae Kwon Do on thursday then)

Thanks For the help

Since going to six sessions a week, up from 3-4 my gains have improved. It’s tough at first but after a couple of weeks you’ll adapt. Forget all that advice that more than 2 days of consecutive training causes CNS fatigue. Unless you’re constantly training to failure that won’t come into it.