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Training Frequency (Intensity and Volume)

Hey CT,

When it comes to increased frequency of a lift (3-4x a week), is it ill-advised to work up to a non-grinding 2-3RM in each of my chosen lifts, each time I train? For back-off work, what kind of total volume should I shoot for with this style of training, if using 3-5 reps and, say, 80-90% of max weight?

For instance:


Squat to 3RM (however much back-off)
Overhead press (or Push Press) to 3RM, then back-off.
Bench press or Floor press to 3RM, then back-off.

Squat to 3RM, back-off
Overhead Press or Bench Press to 3RM, back-off
Deadlift - etc. etc. (more speed focus).

This general scheme, alternated for the 3-4 workouts in the week.

Thank you for the time.