Training Frequency Confusion

I’m confused about trainings frequency. most trainers reccomend once a week, Poliquin says once every 5 days and Waterbury says 3 times a week.
well, my goal is mostly hypertrophy.
what seems to be the best do i have to try them all out? seems like a shotgun aproach.

Start with 2x per week such as ABBH by Waterbury. Then, once you are well adapted, move to TBT (Harbinger hypertrophy). The key to muscle growth is this:

Train as heavy as possible, as often as possible, while staying as fresh as possible.

Poliquin’s programs mandate a longer rest period because he advocates training each set to muscle failure. This causes too much strain on your central nervous system to train more often than once every 5-7 days. You not only have to let the muscles recuperate, but you must also allow the CNS to rebound. We don’t need to do this for the following reason:

Prof Zatsiorsky has stated that working a few reps shy of failure still gets enough stimulation to get the majority of the benefits AND then enables you to train sooner because you have not pushed your nervous system too hard. The CNS takes at least twice as long to fully recover (in practical application) when you push it. You can stay away from failure, train more often, and give your body more stimulation to grow by following this philosophy of training.

Give it a go.