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Training Frequency, 7 Days A Week



What are your thoughts on training 7 times a week. every day one hour per workout.

I've been doing it for 3-4 weeks now, with plenty of nutrition.



My thoughts are that you grow outside of the gym and not in it.


I think it all depends on your goals, I train 4 days a week and do just cardio the other 3 days...

My schedual is

Monday - Legs
Tuesday - chest and tris
Wedsday - Cardio
Thursday - back and bis
Friday - Shoulders
Saturday- Cardio
Sunday - Cardio

And I do abb work every day... Let me know your opinions you can see the results I have gotten from my pics, any suggestions are welcome.


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I think training 7 days a week is not that bad if you keep the training under 1 hour and plenty of nutrition.
I split my mucsle groups.

monday, chest-shoulders-triceps
tuesday, back-biceps-lowerarms
wensdasy, legs-calfs
thursda, repeat

i don't do cardio.


I think its too much unless your taking steroids and other supplements which i feel is unhealthy. you need to rest not only your muscle but also your central nervous system or "system". remember that lifting weights involve your nervous system which controls your movement and coordination.

For non competitive bodybuilders or those in off season contenders , 3 days a week program is still the best to build your muscles and strenght. although a lot, can do more than 3 x a week workout, my first question is it effective? supplements for me is design for competitive bodybuilders and other athlets. try it you will be surprise!


INitially I'd say no way you're going to recover, but then I think about the whole science behind split training in the first place,... So I guess it's possible if you actually train different parts each time, and don't spend so long each session that you actually supress your immune, adrenal, cns, whatever systems. Still, I don;t think my own body would grow without rest days thrown in,.. not to mention the mental break you need.



how about 6 days with 1 day off in between cycles? (that day off is just abs for 20 min.)


Thats pretty much what I do but 7 days a week my off days are cardio

and I some times will do abs 1 day intense 1 day light, or just every other day and go hard.


old timers such as steeve reeves used to work out for hours almost everyday of the week and he didnt juice, nd had a very solid physique


Thing is though, I am guessing these guys had a lot less stress in their lives than people of today. Even if that's not true, the old timers probably had a lot more recuperation time than the average recreational trainee.