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Training for Youth Hockey Player


I realize this is likely not in your wheelhouse (age) but would love your input just the same as I am always interested by your unconventional approach. Not asking for a program but your philosophy and overview would be appreciated.
10 YO (2005). have introduced him to training but have not been consistent yet. I want to ramp up some training this summer as he has expressed an interest. I try to avoid taking movement to failure often and am careful not to work him too hard. I have done the following almost always after a dynamic warm-up, picking a few items below and mixing it up.

  • dynamic warm-ups
  • 8lb ball throws
  • jumps
  • push/pull-ups, planks
  • light goblet squats (much better form than just BW)
  • agility speed: ladder,5 ten 5, 4-cone drills etc.
    Thanks much for reading.


what you’re doing sounds about right. Definitely, above all else, focus on fundamental skills. Especially shooting.


Thanks for the input, he will be skating a good bit this summer. I will spending a great deal of money on that so don’t want to pay someone for something I feel I can do. I am confident that I know the right exercises-just wondering about which to concentrate more on and overall frequency. He is a small kid so he needs all of the speed and strength he can get;.