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Training for Wrestling

Hey, Im going to be a Junior and hopefully will be wrestling Varsity for a nationally recognized powerhouse team. Obviously, technique and conditioning are the #1 priorities when training for wrestling. However, this offseason Ive hit the wait room hard and smart (Thanks T-Mag)! I want to know any specific program that would be awesome for the 2-3 months leading up to the season. Before this I was just getting stronger, but now I want to specialize if you will for this 1 sport. I was also wondering if I should do lots of GPP type excersizes? I hope everything I said made sense.
Thanks in advance for everyones and anyones help.

“Convergent Phase Training” by Charles Staley is perfect for combat athletes


I would try using one of the lactic acid training protocols, such as the Meltdown Training I just posted on yesterday, or Poliquins German Body Comp training.

Being a wrestler myself, I would go with that, for the reasons that follow-

A) Cardiovascular conditioning. No mistake about it, these things will kick your ass cardio wise. Obviously, you want your cardio conditioning to be as good as possible once you’re on the mat. Low quality aerobics may help burn fat, but don’t work very well for this. Your lungs/heart only have to do so much work when you’re on your treadmill set on 5 for 40 minutes. Doing these giant sets with no rest in between will push your cardio system to it’s absolute limits, same as being out on the mat will.

B) You won’t lose any muscle mass. Withouyt doing the low quality aerobics, your cortisol levels will stay lower and the weight training will help you hold onto all of your hard earned muscle while SLOWLY dieting down. (Good idea to train before season. You’re very wise. If everyone did that, people wouldn’t be soft/weak during the season from all the starving)

C) Lactic Acid conditioning. Lactic Acid is a big problem for all wrestlers, as you’re out there constantly pushing/pulling with no rest. It builds up in your muscles, burns like hell and weakens you during the match. Well, this is lactic acid training, which help prepare you for that onslaught during matches and get you in the best shape possible for your matches. On the meltdown program, you do four exercises in a row, no rest, all compound movements, 4 second reps for sets of ten. In essence, that’s a 2:40 set. In my opinion, this is the optimal way for all wrestlers to train.

D) Loss of bodyfat. Obviously, the less fat you have on your body, the better. You could keep your weight roughly the same by using this program, but greatly increasing your lean mass to bodyfat ratio. You drop 5 lbs. of fat, gain 5 of muscle from the GH shock of this prgram, and all in all, come season time, you’re going to be one shredded, in shape mother on the mat!!