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Training for Wrestling and Throwing


This upcoming school year I will definitely be doing wrestling in the winter and throwing for track in spring, and maybe football in the fall, with wrestling being my primary sport. At first I was considering doing crew fall/spring, but then I remembered I am a strength athlete at heart. What kind lifting and training program would you reccomend? Keep in mind total hypertrophy would be detrimental to wrestling, so no WSSB please.


nothing helps clinch work like hang cleans.


A straight westside routine would be best...Dave Tate's 8Keys and integrate some O lifts, and ME Weighted Chins. "Total Hypertrophy" as you know is really a function of diet. So just don't eat yourself into a higher weight class. Hell WSSB would be ideal i suggest you take another look at it.

Other than that, check Dan John's site plenty of articles there.

Honestly take another look at the conjugate protocal the more I look at it the more beautiful it really appears.


Throwing is mostly lower body so Oly lifts and squats are a necessity if you wanna throw far