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Training for Westpoint Summer Program

I just recieved an acceptance letter to The USMA summer leaders seminar at westpoint. This means I have a good shot at acceptance to the academy next year. I’m 6 feet tall and weigh 171. needless to say i’m trying to bulk right now. i was wondering if anyone had advice for trying to up my pushups pullups and running while still bulking?

i can do about 57 pushups in a minute but i havn’t gone to failure in long time. i assume i can do about 70 pushups to failure. i can also do about 15 pullups. what i’m really gonna need work on is the running. is their any way i can train for endurance without losing the little weight i have?

I am a former West Point cadet. Stop worrying about bulking. Eat clean (and lots)and concentrate on running and bodyweight exercises (don’t forget the rope climb). Endurance is the key.

Also, don’t forget that boxing is a required subject. A little training in advance doesn’t hurt.

It’s a great experience, but it ain’t easy. Good Luck.

Duty, Honor, Country.

i am currently a yuck. the apft is not muscular strength at all, but purely muscular endurance. you will have plebe gymnastics, swimming and boxing. if you’re a rock swimmer (cant swim 25yds without drowning) go learn how to swim. also, on push ups, they’ve gotten extremely strict on form, mainly going low (triceps parallel to ground) and locking out elbows on the top. i’ve managed to bulk 20lbs since november, not the best bulk, but its been clean and i can still tab the run (13:20s 2mile). just be mentally prepared for Beast. you might get to meet my old roommate since he is going to be the Summer Garrison 1SG this summer, 1SG Villanueva, if you run into him. Goodluck. You will be a plebe my firstie year, haha, i feel old.

i figured that i would have to forget the bulking. it’s a small price to pay for the oportunity i’m receiving. should i continue my lifting program (westside for skinny bastards) with added cardio, or completley rework it?
i already am doing some bodyweight exercises.