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Training For Warriors


You've probably seen me post enough to know that I'm not affiliated with Martin Rooney in anyway way whatsoever.

But damn I wish I was!

His DVD is THE DEFINITIVE resource for MMA strength & conditioning training.

I highly reccomend it along with the book!

Everything he covers is designed with full intent on getting you BETTER.

There's no wasted movement, and no time when you'll wonder "is this working" or "why am I doing this". He explains and dissects every movement very very well and has brought out the best in some of the top mma athletes in the sport.

I cant wait to get home and watch the DVD's AGAIN!

I'm so psyched to train again this is nuts :slight_smile:


I was on another forum and Adam Singer, Forrest Griffen's coach was also raving about it. It's an awesome dvd


December 10 at Parisi (Martin's Gym) There is an MMA/wresling/boxing/BJJ training seminar with Martin Rooney, Juan Carlos Santana and Rhadi Fergusen speaking. Should be awesome.


Ya i'm on the same forum... adam singer is GREAT instructor too get him and his brother rory's shit.

Any more info on the Parisi seminar???


It's at Parisi's. I think it's 69 bucks or around there. I think some of the young Gracies might be there presenting with him but only showing the exercises not BJJ moves...
Juan Carlos Santana and Rhadi Fergusen will be there presenting as well.
It may be posted at www.parisischool.com
it's definitely posted at Renzo's site here on the 11/24/05 news

Huge seminar December 10th.
Training To Win: Optimum Training for the Grappling Athlete

Featuring world renown trainers and speakers Juan Carlos Santana, Martin Rooney and Rhadi Ferguson. All of these presenters have helped prepare many of the top martial artists in the world over the last number of years.

This 6 hour seminar is going to cover new trends and training techniques now available to grappling athletes and other martial artists. This day is sure to create a new awareness about scientifically based training methods and enhance and prolong every participant?s combative careers. The seminar will be part lecture, part hands on and part workout for any athletes that want to participate.

After the seminar the entire group is invited to take the train to Hoboken for the MMA fights that evening.

This day is sure to be one that everyone wont forget. To have a great day of learning and then training followed by watching how these principles are applied in the ring is a luxury.

The Parisi Speed School, a world class facility, is a quick train ride from the city and easily accessible by car from the NJ Turnpike, Parkway, Route 17 or Route 4. Only 11 miles from the GWB, there is no excuse why you cant get there. It's also a 15 minutes train ride from Penn Station, we are going to leave the NYC academy at 10:45am and catch a train to the Parisi School.

And all of this is for just 69.00! You can pre-register to get this low price at Intocombat.com under the training to win icon and the NJ seminar or at the front desk in our school.
We look forward to seeing everyone there,


Director of Performance, Parisi Speed School in NJ. Martin has also been a speed consultant for the New York Giants."

"Speed consultant for the New York Giants."

That is impressive!


He knows his stuff on speed and strength training. He's worked with a lot of pros from all kinds of different sports. Also, Martin doesn't claim to train an athlete if he wrote a program for him/her one time. He is on the field or in his facility with them.
He's also fast as hell himself.


you definitely get to see that in the video... sometimes he just plain outworks the guy's he's training.

he does the workout with them !


OK yall talked me into it. This video is officially on my christmas list.


hi just want to say something about sandbags, thjey seem to be a new craze for MMA training and i was sceptical but i got to say after seeing my mate Jon the Coal man at work i now stand corrected. He delivers coal 5 days a week and im not kidding he has 18 inch arms, a bull neck and strength to match, he carrys 2 hundredweight sacks farmers walk style, and lifts a hundred weight over head and walks up to a hundred yards with it before throwing it down.

Anyway i wrestle amateur and asked him for a grapple feeling way over confident, he has no wrestling training but picked me up and shouldered me and I weigh 210! Before you think hes some genetic freak his mum has shown me pictures of him when he was young in the 80s and he was like a stick. Ten years of coal lifting and shoveling and lots of guiness is his secret he says, he never goes to the gym yet is built like a horse. oh and you should see the way he polishes off steaks too.


not to get off topic but has anyone read Coach Staley's combat conditioning(something like that) book?


I have but if you are looking for something new, pick something else. I must say I was disappointed.


Which reminds me I need to make an adjustable sandbag asap.


Martin's DVD is bad ass. I will be at Parisi to see him and JC and Rhadi - gotta keep on learning baby!


it seems to me that from the 1930s to the late 90s bodybuilding style exercises seemed to dominate fight training but i was reading some early writings on physical training for athletes by W.R Pope in the 1800s and its strikingly similar to Coach Davies "Renegade Training" series, pope advises such exercises as "running up a hill fast with weighted clothing" like modern day hill sprints, hurdling, "labouring and digging to build a foundation of strength" like GPP and other exercises like "dumbell rows and pulls for a time where the bells are not set down" like complex training, he also recomends pulling the heavy bar to the chest from the floor and then putting it overhead quickly, you could say this is a clean and jerk . It seems we go full circle in training ideas and that so called new ideas have been around for ages.


could you expand on that a little more, i am thinking of purchasing it.--thanks--Gags


Staley's book has solid info but I found it more for a martial artist who isn't already into training.
Martin's seemed to give much more info for preparing for MMA and grappling.

As for old info coming full circle. That is always the case. However, running up a hill is now understood to be a conditioning exercies but may not be best for some aspects of performance and it is not teaching you to be fast as some other things are. I would say we now know a lot more of the 'why's' and 'when's' about exercises and even though some of the exerercises are the same this type of knowledge is useful.

For example exercises for hand speed and the science behind them are pretty new.


I would definitely get it it. It's inexpensive for the quality of the product. It's worth it just getting what the Gracie's are going through now. It's not the same old boring exercises. Forget Staley for now. Rooney is very creative with his exercises so you should get a lot of ideas for this book. He does seem to know his stuff so you should get a lot out of this book. Definitely go with this book over the countless number of books out there on the same subject by guys nobody knows anything about. I've been that route. Rooney is the man and Training for Warriors is 'the book'. Don't have the DVD yet. Thanks for reminding me. I'll put that on my list. Put the link up if you can.


thanks guys


just out of interest didnt Mike Tyson have a trainer called Rooney, was it Kevin? Cant remember, are they related?