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Training for USS Record Breaker/USS 2021 Nationals - 83kg

LW strongman competitor.

2019 1st show 1st place. Qualified for 2020 nationals just to be cancelled.

So 55 weeks out from USS national record breaker 11/21/2020 to push either the Axle/Log, Deadlift/18in DL, 250Farmer Holds for time. Push the max numbers up and prepare for USS Nationals 2021. Here’s my journey.

We typically keep training logs in one of the training logs sections.

Oh My bad. I’ll fix it. Only strongman thread I seen

That’s cool. I’ll watch. I didn’t compete much as a LW, but that doesn’t affect training much.

Nice! It for tracking progress but also any tips on form would be helpful

Especially training for a contest, it’s fine to keep it here. The Training Logs forum is popular for “general” logs, but I can move this to the Training Log section if you want.

No prob either way. Sounds like some good training is on track and dude’s’ll tune in regardless.

If it’s no problem will leave it as is. :muscle:

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  • Day #5 05/17/2020 (BW 184lbs) *
    Todays focus
  • Front Squat top 4(315lbs) then 6,8,10
  • Banded 1in deficit Deadlift top 2(500lbs) 4, then 6
  • Farmer Carry 100ft top 275 per hand.
  • Hamstring Curls 2x20

Overall good day. I’ve upped the weight a bit due to nationals being cancelled so next week back to an actual plan. A long road ahead.

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  • Day #6 05/18/2020

Press focus today.

  • Warm up squats, worked up to a 300 pause FS.
  • Strict log press top set of 3 (170) then 5x1 same weight 30 sec rest time.
  • standing db press 3x8
  • cable front raise/ss/ db lateral raise 4x12
  • banded facepulls 5x20
  • 1 arm reverse tricep press down 4x12

Good way to start the week. Shoulder started off a little iffy, but after warming up worries went away. Really happy with the strict press 170. The goal I have for 11/21 is hitting a 275 log clean & press. Pressing isn’t my strong point in the strongman game but here lately its took off so we will keep pushing.

In in for this. I have under 105kg strong man goals. Very keen to see your training

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Yesterday’s training highlights.
SSB top 3 325lbs
RDL top 1 500lbs

  • SSB squats 3,4,6,8,10
  • RDL 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
  • Belt Squat 4,6,8,10
  • Back Ext 2x20 /ss/ Ab Roller 2x10

Still just hitting short and powerful sessions having fun with it. I’ve squatted more in 2 weeks then I do in 2 months lol, but in the past I’ve had great success squatting before the training sessions. So I’ve implemented them back in.

(MAY 20TH 2020)

  • Front Squat paused (warmup)
  • Cambered bar bench top 3 235lbs then 4,6,8,10,12
  • Pull-ups 4x10-12
  • Rope ext 4x12
  • Banded facepulls 4x20

No video highlights got caught up in training. That cambered bar is no joke. It takes a good bit of stability with it , but you get one heck of a pump.

Strong lifts! What kind of program are you doing?

Past couple of weeks I’ve jumped in with my powerlifting buddy. So I do what he has written out just to switch things up from the comp prep I was in. This monday I will be back on schedule with my coach.

Should be looking at a 4 day split main focus log and deadlift, but also the national events
-Log/axle medley 60sec
-DL 60sec
-farmer 100ft
-Keg/Sandbag medley

  • 3 stone medley 57in height.

Finally finished the week with the powerlifting squad. Definitely ready to get back into training.

Morning weight 184lbs ( I weigh in every Saturday )

Game plan today was to warm up to a heavy single on Front Squats. Hitting 385lbs with a little grind but good form in my opinion. Down the road I’d like to get into 450-500lb FS range.

And lastly to end the day. SUMOS. It’s been a looonnngg time since sumo deadlifts and very happy to hit 600 then a rough 635. Dam powerlifters. But the game plan is 685-700 in November and holding that 635 got me pumped to start training for it.

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How much carry over do you feel you get from front squats to back squats?

During the lock down I’ve not had access to sufficient weight to go above 70% of my back squat. So I’ve hit my front squat, which were really lagging. I’m hoping this along with a bit of back squat volume will mean I still end up being stronger at the end of the lock down period.

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Personally I just perfer front squats. Now 90% of my back squat is with a SSB or more recently the cambered bar. When I high squat it tends to strain my neck and low bar has always been more of a good morning for me haha. BUT since committing to strongman I do see the improvements with stones, log, front carrys from FS more.

Keep pushing the FS though add in pauses, bands if you have them at home see if you notice a difference.