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Training for Tower Running


Hi everyone, first time caller long time listener and I have a question that you all can hopefully help with. I was not sure where to post this as it does not really relate to any forum but since there is a wealth of knowledge on this site and combat sports require strength flexibility and great conditioning I figure it would be the best place to ask. I have always trained with weights 4-5x a week (push/pull with 1 fullbody) but, I recently have gotten into tower running.

So, I was hoping to get some help on what would be the best training regimen to become the best climber possible any opinions are welcome. I have searched other places but they usually have routines like 15 Body Squats, 15 Push-ups and so on. I know there has to be a better way and what better place to ask than here.


im guessing running up lots of stairs would help?


I am guessing it takes more than that. If you run marathons you dont run 26 miles a few times a week or if you box you dont get into a ring a few times and expect to be the best. Most of the athletes do mostly bodyweight stuff. If I lift weights or do complexes I think I would have an advantage. Obviously I would still be running up stairs. I was hoping to get advice on a weekly schedule. I have never done things like complexes or sandbag work would that help?


Ok, let me help you out here. Do you think that a swimmer spends most of his time on land training? No, they are in the pool working on technique. All marathon runners believe it or not, run. How long does it take you to complete the climb? Work on your energy systems training by actually running and climbing stairs.


I won't pretend I know what the demands of tower running are, but I'm guessing being at a low BF, low BW and having great total body strength would be necessary.


I agree, that should be a big part of the training but, most climbs are completed by the best in around 11 minutes. Would not some muscle building and as you stated energy systems work be better than just training with stairs everyday. Since these races are shorter I see it as requiring a more sports training approach. One can play football everyday and they will become better but adding weight training among other things would give them an edge over everyone else. That is where I have the problem, what would be the best weekly schedule, for the necessary conditioning. I realize that this might not be the best place to ask but, there are no forums, sites, anything really that talk about tower running training. However since there are many athletes that incorporate different training methods on this site I figured it would be a great place to ask.


Just run baby. Former 2:32 marathoner here....

Two things you need: general running endurance & strength and power in the legs.

Lift twice a week doing the following:

Box Jumps 3 sets of 10 jumps of increasing height. Rest 60s between sets
Split Jumps 3 sets of 10 jumps of increasing height. Rest 60s between set

Split Squat 1 warmup set, 1 work set to 5 reps
2-1 Leg Curl 1 warmup set, 1 work set to 5 reps

DB Bench 1 warmup set, 1 work set to 5 reps
Pullups to failure
*If your running volume is low (relative to YOUR previous history) then add another set.

Remember, tower running is about RUNNING. Get yourself in running shape. Without first knowing your training background I can't really give you advice but in general:
1. Volume of running should be inversely related to the volume of lifting.
2. Lift on your highest intensity run days preferably HOURS after your run.
3. Run hills once a week. Include both short and long hills.
4. Run one hard steady run per week.


Well I have a pretty high work capacity I have always only taken about one real day of rest a week. Lifting sessions would ladt around and hour.


I figured the only way to get some feedback would be to put together a plan that can be picked at, this is what I have been thinking about doing. My stats are 5'10, 168-172 lbs, I do not know my BF but it is low enough that I can see my abs.

Stair Running
Strength Training

Long Run

Stair Running
Strength Training

Off (Stretching)

Stair Running
Strength Training

Long Run

Heavy Stair climbing

Strength sessions would be shorter then I am used to concentrated around compound lifts and lower reps (3-5) might throw in some high rep leg work.
Conditioning would be complexes, BW circuits or Sand bag/sledge work.
Long runs would increase in length might start with just 3 miles.

I would still at times use a weighted vest when running stairs during the week but, Sunday I would use heavier weight maybe a sandbag concentrating more on the weight carried then the speed, followed by running up as quick as possible up a few flights with no weight at the end. How does this look? Any recommendations are welcomed.


sounds decent.