Training for Tough Mudder in June

Well I’ve decided I want to do a tough mudder event and be fully prepared in the months leading up to it. It’s going to be happening here on june 2012. Even though I’ve still got alot of time, I’m just confused as to what i should be doing in the following months since it’s kind of conflicting with my bodybuilding goals at the same time.

My cardio has never been great, I’ve always opted to lift heavy weight rather than run a few miles everyday. Nonetheless, I plan on bumping my running to about 4 days a week on the elliptical/stairmaster. I just have a few questions.

1)Can I continue doing a bodybuilding split 5 days a week while training for the event, or should I switch to full body. 2) Is running going to be enough? 3) Is there anything I should do differently in the 8-12 weeks leading up to the event? Like should I cut back on weight lifting to 2-3x a week and just do circuit training or something? 4) Any important tips?

just do crossfit. probably your best bet

  1. continue doing your regular lifting.

  2. Continue/start running. Getting your endurance up for the run is going to be your biggest obstacle. Start your running with short distances and work your way up… running endurance is going to be key and the obstacles are going to be weak.

  3. no not really. hit some (not necessarily all) of your lifts in the 8-12 rep range and you’ll be good.

  4. you have more than 6 months till the race. you’ll be more than ready to run 6-12 miles by then if you are consistent… dont sweat it.

if your endurance is good for the run you’ll be straight for the race. Good luck man! Get some!

I seem to remember on the Tough Mudder site they have a recommended training program.
I also seem to recall that it sounded like most of the circuits you see in Men’s Health magazine, as in run 400m then do 20 burpees then run 400m and do 20 squat jumps etc.

Run hills, run hills, run hills. Run in sand and up and down sand dunes if you can. I did two warrior dashes this summer and it wasn’t the flats that got to me, it was the hills and mud. The second dash took me an hour flat to complete. An hour for a 5k!

My next door neighbor runs at least two marathons each year plus many shorter races and he only finished two minutes ahead of me in the same wave. Two steps up, one step back! Don’t sweat the obstacles. As long as you have been doing consistent pullups and grip strength work you will be fine.

I’ve done a couple Tough Mudders and will echo what others have said about the obsticals - they will not challenge your strength.

What killed most of the people in the races I did was the running. Specifically, the up hills. So, if your event takes place at a ski resort be prepared to go up some steep stuff on often loose footing. Before the start I was surrounded by guys who could probably triple me in any lift, but the first sign of a hill and they were dying.

Another thing I recommend is getting in an early wave. The last few Mudder reviews I’ve read, people were complaining about long lines at obstacles - like 15 min wait times. The later you start, the more people will be in front of you and it really sucks to spend a quarter of your race time standing around.

Two Words - anaerobic intervals. I’ve been doing triathlons & MB races for 10 years in addition to heavy weight work. Trying numerous training protocols I’ve found high intensity intervals on the treadmill, track, uphill treadmill and pool prepared me more than long slow distance training or training at a comfortable pace. Dont sweat the obstacles unless you have problems with grip strangth or pulling yourself up a rope or something similiar which can be fixed by doing tons of pull/chin ups. For now concentrate on maybe keeping in “running shape” (your not completely trashed after 5 miles)and then really begin to focus on your interval training 2-3 months out from the competition. Shoot for 3-4 times a week and ignore the pain.

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