Training for time.

Here is a workout that I tried yesterday. I am a f/t college student and sometimes I can’t seem to get my work outs in. So I did this, took me an hour and 20 minutes.

Bench press: 135x15,225x8,315x6,405x8
Standing Front Press: 135x8,225x6,275x8
Bentover Barbell rows: 135x8,225x,315x5 no straps
Incline “smith machine” press: 90x8,180x8,270x8
Side Laterals using just the iron grip flat plates. 25x8,35x8
Lat pulldowns front:250x2x8
Cable x-overs: 160x8, 130x8
Front Raise: 25x8,35x8, again I used regular olympic plates.
Long Pulley Rows: 250x2x8

This seemed to tax the overall upper body, including bi’s and tri’s. any questions or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Holy shit! how many sets did you do? I got lost at about 50. Not being rude what was the purpose of your post? Are you saying you don’t get time to train?

Seriously, what was the point of your post? To pretend you are actually that strong? No person bench presses 405 for 8 reps, stand pressed 275 for 8 reps, and rows 315 for 5 reps and doesn’t work out that often (see “can’t get my workouts in”). Sorry, doesn’t happen. Also, assuming you did that workout, you did too much warm-up volume. Cut the reps in half or more.

maybe he’s telling the truth,who cares. Don’t doubt that someone can bench 405x8 just cause you can’t and he said he lacks time. He may weigh 300 lbs, and lacking time may mean he can only work out 4 times a week, but he’d like to do 5.
Also, this is not an excessive number of sets. What are you talking about 50. 135 x 15 is 15 reps, foolio. I count about 25 sets INCLUDING warmups.

And to the original writer… if you are a bodybuilder, are you really feeling every repetition, or are you more concerned with moving weight around. A true bodybuilder does not care what weight he uses. A true athlete does not care what he looks like.

You didn’t have time to train the way you wanted to but you didn’t miss the workout. That’s a key. I’ve been waking up at 4:00 am the last several months and last Thursday I woke up at 4 and it was pouring rain and lightening and I thought it would be the perfect time to go back to bed but I made coffee and went to the gym. By the time I left my apartment at 4:45 after a few cups of coffee and MD6 and T2Pro and Methoxy all the rain had stopped anyway. The main thing is that you didn’t miss the workout even though you had an excuse in your mind not to. I will remember this post if a hurricane hits at 4 am one day. I probably won’t work out on that day though:).

Definitely extra warm up sets. And yes, are you trying to brag. I mean really, if you do that much you are freak. Plus, you have plenty of time to workout it seems. If anything, I would split up the bodyparts more. That way you are definitely taking care of everything. It sounds like you are doing plenty, but I don’t think you are targeting. Try doing chest and tri’s oneday and so forth.

Foolio schmoolio, if you re-read his post he has Lat pulldowns and Long pulley rows both at 250x2x8, by my calculation that’s 32 for a start.

I like it when I get bashed, first off I have been lifting for 18 years this summer. My first powerlifting meet was in the spring of 1987. I weigh in at 355. I have competed in strongman, my best performance , taking 12th place at the Beauty and the Beast strongman challenge in 1999. It seems that there is some confusion of how I do my reps. First off 250x2x8 would be 250 lbs, times 2 sets, times 8 reps. And on another note when I say I can’t get all my workouts in. I generally like to get 3-5 in a week. If you all want to see any proof of myself, go to yahoo profiles and check out my pic on my profile page. That is me doing a 355 pound log lift.

18 years of experience and you are asking about your workout split and routine?

You mean that at 18 years of experience you’re suposed to know everything?

James you are one big mother. I don’t know what my brain was doing yesterday but I was wrong about the sets done. What is the rest of your split like? Are you training for anything in particular at moment? I must admit for a guy your size and lifting experience (age and type of comps) the rep ranges seem higher than I would have thought.

In regards to what workout splits work for you…yes. I certainly wouldn’t be coming to this forum asking questions to random people with 18 years of experience…I rarely do that now.

If you wanted to save even more time and develop some of the necessary endurance required in strongman competition you could set it up something like this. Antagonistic supersets ala Poliquin. Not only are you able to do many more sets than possible in the same amount of time but the contraction of the agonist muscle group often leads to greater strength gains and an ability to lift more weight during the workout itself.

A1.Bench press: 135x15,225x8,315x6,405x8 A2.Bentover Barbell rows: 135x8,225x,315x5

B1.Standing Front Press
B2. Long Pulley Rows

C1. Incline Smith Machine Press
C2. Lat Pulldowns front

D1. Side Laterals using just the iron grip flat plates.
D2. Cable x-overs
D3. Front Raise

hah, right on all counts by Rafael.
anyway advice for the strongman who posted originally. If you are plateaued I would take the time to record PRs at a variety of rep ranges. I own fractional plates in addition to 1 1/4s and they have been invaluable in breaking my own records. I see myself passing every day people who won’t use any plate smaller than a 25, or who don’t keep a journal.