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Training for the T-surfer

I’ve been training for about a year now, started back east when I was in college and there was nothing to do in the winter but work out. Now that I’m home back out in SoCal though, I’ve been making up for lost time and surfing like a madman. My question is, are there good surfing specific training programs (i.e. incorporating elements such as flexibility, strength, endurance, etc.) out there? I know of two books called “Fit to Surf” and “Surf Flex” that are supposed to be pretty good, but I’m a cheap bastard and don’t wanna pay for something I could get from T-mag (plus I think a T-mag program would be a lot better!) Maybe one of the T-magers who is into surfing could design a surfing-specific program and greatly expand their readership out here on the West Coast?! Thanks for the info.

i haven’t surfed in a long time, but i snow and skateboard often here on the east coast and core training has especially increase my manuverability and board control. do some heavy deadlifts, deep squats with a long pause at the bottom, and some ab work. surf on

coach davies and his renegade training will probably be about what you are looking for

Go to renegadetraining.com Coach Davies has a book just for you.