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Training for the Road Warrior?

I’ve recently started a new job which requires me to be on the road quite frequently. I was currently attempting to add some poundage to my frame (5’8", went from 120lbs to 140lbs current, and trying to hit 160lbs +/-5lbs as an interim future goal).

I will only have access to those hotel gyms, quality of which varies, but it’s safe to say that very few will have a power/squat rack or barbells.

Are there any other road warriors out there that can share some insight on some routines/nutrition/tips that can help add mass while on travel? Or at the very least maintain the gains I’ve had thus far.

Any input is appreciated!

CT wrote a great artcil a few years back about training in less then stellar hotel gyms etc. Might check it out. Do an author search.


Use travelling as an excuse to hit new gyms. I travel and this gives me the oppurtunity to lift at places like Diablo Barbell in Cali and Bad Attitude Gym in Dallas.

Fuck hotel gyms. If all else fails, there is usually a 24hr fitness close by.

If you want it, you will make it happen.

You need rubber bands. They’re light, don’t take much room and can add resistance to any movement.

Body weight squats to light for you? Use a rubber band for added resistance. You have them in different colors (different resistance) and they don’t come cheap.

Order them long enough.

There is not a single movement you can’t do with rubber bands.

Don’t attach them to anything that can get loose as this will show up on your hotel bill.