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Training for the Next Meet


Did my first meet this past Saturday and learned a lot about what I need to do to get better.
My power off my chest (reversal strength) from a pause is gonna get worked on the most. So from a bench perspective, I will be doing most of my pressing from the chest to about the 2-board position to keep my chest under tension longer. Will follow it up w/ tricep work. I also plan to put in a speed day as well to see if I can benefit from it. I also plan to keep the workouts short and intense (under 40 minutes)

So as of now, my first bench workout post-meet was today:

Worked up to 5x5x225
Rolling tricep extensions 3x15

  • Also added in some very light reverse curls and hammer curls to rehab my right elbow (tennis elbow).


By chance was the Neet in Ohio?


Yep. Salem, Ohio.


10-28-11 Bench
Bar 2x20
95 2x10
Singles at 225-235-245-255 then...
Doubles at 225-235-245-255 then...
Triples at 225-235-245-255

Right elbow still flaring up a bit. Did some rehab work for tennis elbow afterwards. No assistance work.


Upper body warm up
Bench 45x2x20 95x2x10 135x2x10 185x6x5
Upper body cool down including rehab work on right elbow.


Bench 45x2x20 135x2x10 155x10 175x10 185x10 205x10 225x10 245x7
Pushdowns 4x12
Easy-bar curls 4x10


Hey, congrats on your first meet! How did it go?


I learned a lot about judging and where I need to go now in my training. I plan to begin working w/ Matt Kroc sometime soon on a six month training/diet. I plan on competing 198 next April after competing 242 in this last meet.


11-5-11 Dead lift
135x5 185x3 225x3
4in. Deficit pulls 225x3 275x3 315x3
6in. Deficit pulls 315x3
T-bar rows 4x10
Banded GM?s 2x10
Banded side bends 2x10
Leg raises 4x10


11-8-11 Deadlift
15 min fasted cardio
135x2x5 225x5 405x0
4in. deficit 225x3 275x3 315x3 335x3 365x1
T-bar row 4x10
Leg raise 4x10
Band side bends 2x15
Band SL good mornings 2x10


11-10-11 Bench
Worked up to 275 for 3 doubles. Missed 300 at lockout. Dropped back and hit 295 for a single. Did many many sets of tricep and shoulder work.


11-11-11 Speed DL
135x2x5 warmup
225 5 singles
315 3 singles

Band good mornings 4x15
Ab roller 4x10
Leg raises 4x12
Side bends 2x12


11-12-11 Speed bench

4-board press 2x5x225 3x5x275
T-bar row 4x12
DB overhead press 4x15
Hammer curl 4x10


11-14-11 Dead lift
4in. elevated 135x2x5 225x2x3 315x3 405x1 365x3 315x5
Good mornings 10?s at 95 135 155 175
Abs roller 4x10
Leg raise 4x10
Band side bends 1x20


11-15-11 Bench
warmed up w/ mini bands 95x10 135x5 185x3 225x3
then 2- board 275x3 295x1 315x1 330x0

Rolling tricep extensions 4x12
T-bar rows 4x12
Reverse curls 2x20

Right arm was hurting from throwing a football at work today while bored. Haven't done that in a while and over did it. Also my first time using bands to bench. It's quite interesting.


Why the huge weight cut?

I'm curious about your statement "I learned a lot about judging." Care to elaborate?

And congratulations on your competition.


Well, I'd like to get down to 198 but I can't serve two masters...:slight_smile: So more than likely I'll keep eating and lifting like normal. I decided to hold off on working w/ Kroc is the other reason I'm not gonna drop.

Well...like bodybuilding...I find powerlifting judging can be subjective as well. Politics play an important role. My lifting partner (220lb class and his first ever meet) was by far the best lifter benching 385 and deadlifting 601 and strict curl of 137.5 and they gave the best lifter award to a guy who weighs 440 and benched 615 and a strict curl at 128 or so. Not only that, my lifting partner was in the 50-54 yr old class and the other guy in the 30-34 yr olds. So that kinda soured me a bit, but I'll still compete for myself and not necessarily to win.


Wow. That is horribly subjective. Perhaps compete with a fed that picks its winners based on wilks rather than favoritism. Sounds like your lifting partner did really, really well. A 601 DL at 220? Yowsie. That's great.

Strict curl contests always crack me up because they're usually anything BUT strict. Lots of sway and back. Strict curl for me would be back against the wall or in a scott curl bench.


In the strict curl, your butt and back cannot leave the wall and you can lean up to a ft away from the wall to the back of your heels.


Squat 135x2x5 225x3 275x3 295x3
Speed pulls w/ mini short bands 185 for 7 singles
Average band good mornings and ab roller 4x10 in supersets

First time doing free squats in a while. Bought some knee sleeves to keep the knees warm.