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Training for the Military...

And they did 3 weight sessions and 3 10k runs a week, should they work legs out?

My cousin joined me in the gym but is unsure wether to train legs and do 3 10ks.

I would definetely train legs when I was going through basic and rasp there were alot of guys who could run for ever and then you put a 40+bs Ruck on him (I’m a 11c we would actually Ruck up to 80+) and tell him to keep a 13 minute mile they would crumble by mile 6… to bad you still have atleast 6 more miles to go. He needs endurance and strength endurance. He needs to train legs with the basics and hit them hard. Honestly you can not have strong enough legs for the military if he is a infantryman or some other combat arms.

And honestly 10k 3 times a week is very low volume when it comes to running. I understand if he is new to running but most guys I trained with including myseld ran a miniminum of 20miles a week (atleast 10 of those miles were done in one shot every monday) plus speed and mobility work plus a 6-8 mile Ruck every single thursday.

Thanks pal, should I have him do higher rep squats like 10 reps or one to three rep squats? What rep range will be most productive for him?

I would say that training legs once a week is a good idea. He does need to make sure he is rucking a bit though. All the squats in the world aren’t going to make you a good ruck marcher.

Not to be a dick, but 30k is 18.6 miles.

Oh, and 10 rep sets should be good for the squats

Tell your cousin to throw in one leg workout a week keeping reps in the 10-15 range and see how it feels. 30k in a week can be a lot for most people.

What are his current 10k times and is he currently on course or is this working up to a course?

Yeah stay higher reps in the squats and deadlifts as I said strength endurance is what is important being a power lifter or bodybuilder going through basic or a SOP selection honestly wont help to much. Once a week strength in the gym for the legs and 3 days later ruck marching with him start with an easy 2 miles with 30-40lbs ish ruck try keeping at least a 15 minute mile at least that is the Army standard and what most basic marches are going to be. try adding a 1/2 to 1 mile every week until your up to 6 miles then miles then start over and add weight or really pick up speed. This will help strengthen up the ankles and that is huge the number one reason for people falling out of a ruck march other than the fact that they are pure suck is rolling ankles 2 or 3 miles in and then having to continue on it another 4-10 miles.

There’s no answer to this question.

What’s your cousin doing in the military? What’s his job? Infantry have very different physical requirements than carpenters, and the military has both.

Is he even joining the Army? Marines? Which? If he’s joining the Airforce I wouldn’t worry about it at all. It’s not specified in the question.

He plans on joining the marines.
I told him he should just do a tough mudder and buy a peles gun but he is not listening

EDIT. Royal marines, we are from the UK.

I will get him to make an account at mine later, don’t know all the details of how fit he is what he wants to join as etc.

Cheers sexy cunts.

Why the hell are you training him if you have no idea what you’re doing? The best thing you could do is find someone who knows how to train military guys and tell your cousin to talk to him.

I am not training him but I have got him free guest passes to the gym which he can not afford so we are training together. I am not giving him a routine, he was just going to lift weight with me three times a week and wants to know wether or not to train legs.

Plus the only weights He seems to think apply to the Military are pullups/chinups/Deadlift/running/situps/dips/benchpress/pressups

Anything else He won’t do so our routines are very different, not like I am telling him to do what I do.

I’m not trying to insult anyone here, but why wouldn’t you train legs? It’s half your body.

Because he is a girl who think if you squat you automatically become shit at running lol


10KM run


10KM run

Shoulder press

10KM run

Bleep test

That is his routine.

Oh and aparently when he does shoulder press he does incline delt bench flies??? lol

[quote]Chopatoua wrote:
Oh and aparently when he does shoulder press he does incline delt bench flies??? lol [/quote]

You mean the ones for the rear delts? Facing/lying on the bench?

not sure He did not specify, just told me he did incline delt bench flies, dafuq if i know.

To be honest, I’ve been in the military now for over 5 years and “training for the military” is not necessary if you are already in decent shape. You’ll have plenty of PT during your basic and AIT training. I went into basic and actually lost muscle. There is no weight training, at most you will have body weight exercising or buddy carries and a lot of running.

Rucking with the 40lbs dry (weight without the water you’ll be drinking) basic weight is def going to suck the first few times you do it, but you’ll get used to it like everyone else and drive on. The pace is ridiculously slow and the movements are short. The longest you can expect to ruck in basic is at the very end and is roughly 10-12 miles. If you have any questions regarding enlisting, please fill free to PM me.