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Training for the Aging Strength Athlete?


What are the drawbacks of continuing to push for gains in muscle mass after 50? Seems like I remember you answering a forum question where you basically said that pushing for muscle growth after a certain point is actually counterproductive relative to longevity.

With 52 only a few weeks away, I’m definitely feeling the effects of 37 years of lifting in my knees and shoulders and I’m thinking it’s time to let go of chasing numbers and to switch to training for health and longevity.

Any thoughts you might have will be greatly appreciated.

Hope you and your family have a blessed and Merry Christmas.


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If you’ve been lifting for 37 years you’re not going to grow anymore.

The only caveat there would be if you’re totally natty and decide to go on cycle for the first time.

So yes that’s why I tell guys after 45+ focus on longevity if they have been training for a long time. This doesn’t mean you have to stop chasing rep PR’s or training hard. But you’re not going to be putting on a bunch of mass now.


I agree with this, I’m experiencing it firsthand after 34yrs of training and 30+yrs of strength competitions…

…but I hate reading the truth every time.

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Thank you Paul! Much appreciated.