Training for tall guys

Just wanting to get some opinions here. I’m 27 years young, 6’4" 205lbs and about 15% body fat. I’m fairly new to strength training and would like to add a little size. I was just curious if anyone had a good workout regimine for tall dudes, or any articles I could read to experiment and see what works best for me?

Do you want to train for strength or size primarily? With your dimensions right now, I’m guessing you want to concentrate more on hypertrophy than strength. A good one for that is Escalating Density Training, or EDT. Another one I really like is Chad Waterbury’s “Anti-bodybuilding Hypertrophy” routines. And for a good combination of strength and hypertrophy you could try “Westside for Skinny Bastards” which is in the current issue of T-mag. Do some searches and look through the archives, you’ll find endless information.

Run a search through the old articles. There’s one called Why Lurch Won’t Grow by TC. It’s got workout tips for us long limbed bastards.

I am 6’5" and do not train any different than any one else. I squat, dead-lift, bench press, chin-up, etc… I think I am at a mechanical disadvantage when it comes to strength in squats and bench press due to the length of my gorilla arms and long legs, but I do not feel that I have to train any specific way. There are many many programs on this site. Stick to big compound lifts focusing on Chest, Back and Legs and you will be fine. Good luck.


I too am a tall 'un (@6’3") and have found that pretty much all of the hypertrophy routines here at T-mag to work well(at least the ones I’ve tried). I would suggest you start with a routine you enjoy that focuses on the compound lifts. I REALLY like Waterbury’s ABBH routine. Anyway . . . this here article Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION is specifically geared towards the tall lifter! Hope this helps! Later.


6’6" here…got all y’all beat so far :wink:

I’m a tall skinny bastard myself and have seen a great deal of success from CWs ABBH and also his Quattro Dynamo program, although the volume was a bit much for the level I’m at right now. I just got back in the country and am gonna start the Westside for SBs in this weeks issue as it uses some of the same principles as ABBH by combining strength and hypertrophy training.

You can’t go wrong with the 'ol standby of heavy compound movements.
Of course the best workout in the world won’t help without a solid diet plan. You probably have a lightening fast metabolism so just make sure you take in a ton of good quality calories and get plenty of rest (10 hours a day minimum).
Good luck!

Hi there.

I’m 6’6" and 128Kgs.

Basically eveything works as normal :slight_smile:
only thing is long limbs means long levers, means much stress on joints. (I got pain in biceps tendon when first starting due to eyes bigger than muscles trying to do too much) You may not bicep curl (etc) as much the shortass guys, but you should kill 'em on rows and presses :slight_smile:

oh yeah, and chins/pullups will be “fun”! (that said, there’s a 105Kg 6’3" professional rugby player round our way that can do a set of 25 chin-ups strict form) guess I’m just making excuses :wink:


Chad Waterbury’s ABBH1 then ABBH2 then
Singles. In all these programs you use only a few really productive exercises for strength and hypertrophy. What is remarkable is the combination of loads, sets and reps. Tomorrow is my day 13 or workout No 7 -ABBH1. I’m sure that my chest is growing … If it works for me (I’m 46 and began weightlifting at 38)…
Best regards