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Training for submission grappling/wrestling

Hi. I was just wondering what your views on this program is, and what can I do to improve on it.

I do a 5 mile run 2-3 days/week for cardio.

For weights, I’m doing a strength-endurance cycle of 30-60 second sets with 50% of my 1RM for as many reps as possible. I’m just starting this after a 7 week strength cycle. I’ll be lifting 2-4 days/week switching from upper body/Olympic lifts and lower body.

I plan on topping this off with grappling practice 2-3 times/week.

Anything that you might suggest to improve?

Damn. I can’t find an editing button.

Okay. The weights idea

Bench Press(as many reps as possible for 30 secs x 3 sets
Barbell Row(AMRAP for 3 sets x 30 seconds)
Incline DB Press(AMRAP 3 sets x 30 sec)
Pull-ups(AMRAP 3 sets x 30 sec)
Weighted reverse crunches(3 sets 15-20 reps)

Squats(AMRAP for 30 secs x 3 sets)
Romanian Deadlifts(AMRAP for 30 secs x 3 sets)
Front Squats(AMRAP for 30 secs x 3 sets)
Good Mornings(AMRAP 30 secs x 3 sets)
Weighted Crunches(15-20 reps x 3 sets)

Power Clean(40-50% max for 6 reps done at moderate to quick speed)
Snatch(same as Clean)
Barbell Curl(AMRAP 30 secs x 3 sets
Dips(AMRAP 30 secs x 3 sets)

At least 2 of these workouts I’ll do a couple of Farmer’s Walks for 50-100 yards.

Can I do anything to improve the program?