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Training for Strength


I'm training for strength and doing westside. I'm using the "old school method" westside used for many years which is basically.
1x5 @ 50%
1x3 @ 60%
1x2 @ 70%
1x1 @ 80%
1x1 @ 90%
1x1 @ 95%
1x1 @ 100%
I think that when doing this with the ME Bench and Squat/DL. I'm kinda burning out cause on my DE days for bench I'm using 4x6 and 5x5 and I think this is pushing it too much.
I'm looking for some alternatvies for a while like 3x3, 5x2, and such. COuld anyone tell me what percentages I would use for 3x3, and 5x2 and how to wave in for 3 weeks (as in what percentage should I use). Also If I want to work in the 3-5 rep range how many sets should I be doing and what should the percentage of the weight be??
Also would it be benfecial to do something like 5/3/1, 5/3/1 for a ME day??



if I remember correctly from the EFS seminar I went to w/Dave Tate speaking he said that ME days you do triples until you can't do triples any more then you switch to singles...percentages do not come into play with any weights...just attempt to hit a max effort single on ME days...

why not do the 8-12 sets of three reps for dynamic effor bench like oldschool westside recommends?

for old school westside dynamic effort day don't worry about percentages...use a weight that you can move VERY fast (but under control)...the percentages given are only a loose guideline...there is too much individual variation from person to person to give any kind of exact percentage...just move FAST!

see above...

good luck!


Well I got the "oldschool method" from an article over at Elitefts from Jim Wendeler called "Max Effort Waves" http://www.elitefts.com/documents/max_effort_waves.htm
I read before that you do triples until you cant anymore then move to singles. I think this could be too much for me and tht's why I wanna know more about using a 3x3 (percentages) and stuff like that..and how many sets I should be using for reps in the 3-5 range with percentage guidelines (cause they help).



OOO I forgot also that for the 5x5 and 4x6 on my DE days I'm doing that for supplemental and accesory. For the actual DE movement I'm just doing a Repetition type thing.


why? is it because you don't have any spotters?

again, percentages are a VERY loose guideline...I've seen guys that could do five reps with 95% of their max single and I've seen guys that could only do five reps with 70% of their max single ...

in my opinion percentage guides suck ass for this very reason...

ultimately you're going to have to find out for yourself what percentage and rep schemes work best for you as an individual...

I know alot of newbies like to be told exactly what they need to do at all times but real life just doesn't work that way...there will be too many variables that will be unique to you that make it impossible for someone to tell you exactly what you need to do at every given moment during a workout...


so you don't actually have a DE day...you just do rep work followed by more rep work?


Jim Wendler has an article addressing DE days for raw lifters coming out this Friday (10/14/05) on Elitefts.com.

For raw lifters, the DE days are not as necessary, so he is going to list alternatives.

I'm eager to see this as well, as I'm using Westside, but I'm also a raw lifter and prefer another method rather than DE work for squat/bench.


I've had some amazing results in my raw squat strength from doing speed squats with relatively light weights...speed benches was not as effective for me...

but, there's a guy from my state that has done alot of speed benching with great results I think he said he did a 675 raw bench in training once so it would seem dynamic bench training worked well for him...

everybody is different...


But don't you think for "weaker" individuals that speed work may not be as useful or as necessary as rep work or something else?

I'm sure if you're pressing over 400lbs, you still get a lot out of DE Bench work. But if you're still in the 200-300 range, there may be other more effective things until you reach that level.


if I'm not mistaken, easter european counties have young athletes do alot of dynamic effort work along with repetition work...seems to have worked for them...I don't see why it couldn't work for a young athlete here...

different people will respond to dynamic effort training better than others...you won't know if you respond well to it unless you try it...

but, I would probably have someone that has been a total couch potato just start with rep work before attempting any dynamic effort type stuff...